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Prem Singh Is All Set To Enter Bollywood; Read To Know What He Has To Say

To be an actor was Prem Singh's childhood dream. However, some dreams require a lot of patience and perseverance. Also, the journey of getting into the film industry isn't an easy one. One has to face rejections and also wait for longer than expected to get their first acting project.

However, Prem Singh was stubborn enough to not give up on his dream to become an actor even if it would take years to fulfill it. Prem is the owner of Aashapura marbles and also does a lot of donations. Along with all of this, he kept his passion and love for acting and films alive till he gets the right opportunity to shine.   

All his patience, honesty and hard work have finally paid off.

Prem Singh will soon be making his Bollywood debut and for the same, he has collaborated with one of the phenomenal directors. As the project is on the initial stage, Prem can't reveal much but he is extremely happy that his first acting project in Bollywood is so promising.

In a statement, Prem said, "I've always loved movies. I used to watch almost every movie in the theatre and act like the actors when I would come home. That's when I realized I also want to become an actor. I've taken part in local plays during my college days and it has helped me understand the craft more. Now that I am finally set to work in a film, I have no words to express my joy."

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