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Rachna Shah and Rhythm Wagholikar- the author duo spreads positivity with their Christmas wishes

The festive season of Christmas is all about joyously celebrating with hymns, carols, and delicious meals before we step into a new and sanguine year. But the story this year has been different. No festival season is the same without our peers. No matter how difficult the times have been, we have sailed through because of such positive beings around us.

One such duo is Rachana-Rhythm, the well-known author duo. Rachana-Rhythm are known for their writing on entertainment, Bollywood, art, music, culture, and trivia. Well, their way of celebrating Christmas was encouraging and heartening.

They took to their social media handle and wrote

“ Dear friends,

Christmas is not just a festivity that needs to be celebrated and be forgotten when that period is over. It’s a feeling, it’s a state of mind, wherein we spread joy, happiness, and warmth. 

Let’s capture this spirit in totality and make it a part of our day to day lives.

A kind word.

A small gesture of love.

An acknowledgment.


All this goes a long way.

May the spirit and magic of Christmas embrace each one of us. Let there be light, love, good health, and peace around us.

Let's celebrate this with a difference this year; let’s be responsible for each other. One careless move shouldn’t jeopardize the health of anybody around us. Let’s cheer for better and good times ahead.

Leaving you all with a very special song that epitomizes this spirit, performed by the famous group, BoneyM

Hope you all like it.

Merry Christmas!

Stay safe, well, and blessed


So here’s wishing gratitude to this Santa Duo for wishing them luck for their endeavors.

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