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Rahul Gandhi gets back Government Bungalow at 12 Tughlaq Lane

Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi gets his government bungalow re-allotted after his lok sabha membership gets restored as per the Supreme Court's stay on conviction of defamation case on Rahul Gandhi. The Politician shifted to 12, Tughlaq Lane after he vacated the bungalow in April and shifted to his mother’s residence in Delhi after his disqualification from the Lok Sabha. 


The Congress leader was disqualified as the Member of the Lower House after a Defamation case filed by a BJP MLA, Pumesh Modi in 2019. After Rahul Gandhi gave the statement “Why are all Modi's thieves? Be it Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, or Narendra Modi, have Modi as their surnames?,” The Surat court convicted Gandhi and sentenced him to 2 years imprisonment on 23 February 2023. On 4th August 2023, Gandhi’s Conviction was put intact by the Supreme Court leading to his return as a Member of Parliament. 


Rahul Gandhi was first allocated the bungalow when he won the Lok Sabha elections from Amethi, UP in 2004. At the time of vacating the bungalow, Gandhi said that there is a price of speaking the truth in this country and he would pay the price of speaking the truth, whatever the cost.  According to reports, in July Gandhi was likely to shift his place of residence to the residence of the former CM of Delhi Sheila Dixit. 

Gandhi will also visit his constituency for the first time after his reelection as the MP on 12-13 August 2023. Congress GC KC Venugopal said, "On 12-13 August, Sh. @RahulGandhi ji will be in his constituency Wayanad! The people of Wayanad are very happy and excited that democracy has won, their voice has returned to Parliament! Rahul ji is not only an MP but also a component of their family!"

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