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Rajwant Singh Vohra Is A Man’s Vision To Greater Good

S.Rajwant Singh Vohra is the Founder and Managing Director of Fateh TV 24x7 Gurbani Channel. Rajwant Singh was born in a Gursikh family deeply involved in Gurbani on 30th November 1964 in Ludhiana, Punjab. His father S. Pritpal Singh Vohra and mother Smt. Satwant Kaur Vohra raised him and his two siblings – S. Amarjeet Singh Vohra and S. Purshotam Singh Vohra in a very pious atmosphere and imbibed in them the preachings of the Gurus. He showed little interest in formal education but inclined the television industry. Thus, he moved to his mission towards television after completing his formal education. He was an academically brilliant student and displayed exceptional leadership skills. 

S. Rajwant Singh Vohra commenced his journey of the television industry around three decades ago when he collaborated with the ZEE network bring to Siti Cable in his hometown Ludhiana, Punjab. Having amassed plentiful experience in the television industry, he then ventured into an independent religious channel. He informs “I saw that there was the need for more impactful Sikh religious channels. I realized that most of the television industry was engrossed in the entertainment genre and youth’s interest in Sikh history-culture was getting diminished.” “On March 25, 2013, I dreamt about Nagar Kirtan coming to my place.”

And finally, Fateh TV was officially launched on 13Th April 2013 on the pious day of Vaisakhi. Named after Baba Fateh Singh Ji – son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji – Fateh TV has gained a colossal response from the audience, especially the Sikh Sangat.

Intending to inculcate Sikh religious and cultural values into the society by reviving the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Rajwant Singh went forward with the vision of Fateh TV and that leap of Faith has made all the difference. Mr. Singh has contributed greatly to the channel’s meteoric rise. Fateh TV is ranked among the top list of Gurbani channels around the Globe. Rajwant Singh informs, “The 24x7 Gurbani Telecasting channel has expanded extensively over the past 6 years spreading its wings globally. The countries which have availed from this channel’s presence include the USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, etc. In the previous year, Fateh TV acquired satellite rights from the Indian Government enabling it to telecast world over.” Furthermore, the channel can be viewed on various IPTV platforms. 

Under the Mentorship and leadership of Mr. Rajwant Singh Vohra, his son Anterleen Singh Vohra (CEO) is working on expanding the channel globally and introducing young-centric concepts such as Raag Rattan (Music Competition), Gatka Competition and Gursikh Star (Children program) to the channel so that young Sikh generation should get involved in Sikhism and inculcate the Sikhi values as they are the future of our community. In the year 2020, the team of Fateh TV intends to astonish its patrons with unparalleled shows that shall concentrate on Women empowerment, Children-Parenting, and Environment safety to create awareness among the audience for social issues and contribute towards the betterment of society.

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