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6 reasons to buy Honda Activa over other two-wheelers in India

Honda Activa is one of the best-selling two-wheelers in the Indian market. After its debut in the Indian market in…

6 reasons to buy Honda Activa over other two-wheelers in India

Honda Activa is one of the best-selling two-wheelers in the Indian market. After its debut in the Indian market in May 1999, this scooter took only three years to become the segment leader. Over the years, Honda has made various improvements in the engine and body design, making it easy to ride, fuel-efficient, and a perfect two-wheeler for urban riding.  


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Furthermore, these developments have helped this scooter achieve a record cumulative sales of over 2.5 crores units. There are various factors that have made it one of the most preferred two-wheelers in the country. Despite the presence of all the safety features present in Honda Activa, riders must also opt for an Activa insurance policy. A motor insurance policy will provide financial coverage for expenses incurred in the event of an accident, theft or other damages. 

Regardless, here’s why it’s a wise decision to choose a Honda Activa over other models. 

Top 6 reasons to buy a Honda Activa 

Here are the reasons why riders should choose Honda Activa over other two-wheelers:

1. Budget

In spite of the high-class performance, riding convenience, classy design and latest features that Honda Activa offers, it’s quite a budget-friendly scooter. Its price usually ranges from Rs.70,000 to Rs.80,000. This pricing has helped it to become a top-selling two-wheeler in India.

2. Mileage

One of the biggest reasons for the Honda Activa’s popularity is its superb mileage. With rising fuel costs, riders are always on the lookout for fuel-efficient means of transport. The average mileage one can get from an Activa is 60 km/litre. 

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3. Suspension 

Riding in cities where the streets are highly congested and riddled with potholes and cracks, a superior suspension system is a must for a safe driving experience. Activa scooters have a unique suspension system to counter this problem. 

They have telescopic suspension in the front and a 3-step adjustable spring-loaded hydraulic suspension system in the rear. This suspension system allows Activa two-wheelers to absorb the shock from potholes without disrupting your riding comfort.

4. Ride quality

The ride quality of the Honda Activa is one of its unique selling points. Due to its larger front wheel and better suspension system, the scooter feels more stable at higher speeds. Furthermore, due to its improved design, individuals find this two-wheeler more manageable even on traffic-ridden roads. 

The fuel injection system in active scooters makes the engine feel livelier, smoother, and more refined. Moreover, due to the tuned engine performance, this scooter won’t falter even when nearing the top speed. 

5. Styling

If individuals choose Honda Activa 6G, they will get a scooter with a bolder look that has a few similarities with the Activa 125 design. It sports all-LED headlights except for the standard variant, and upfront, this two-wheeler gets conventional telescopic forks. 

Alternatively, if buyers choose the Honda Activa 125, they will find a more aggressive seating position making it look more modern, sporty, and aerodynamic compared to the older 125 models.  

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6. Safety

Modern-day Honda Activa scooters have CBS (Combined Braking System) at both the front and the rear for enhanced braking efficiency. This helps in reducing the chances of skidding. 

Honda Activa 6G gets an engine kill switch that also serves as an electric starter. Moreover, this scooter also gets an external fuel fill that riders can open with the help of the malfunction switch.

To conclude

Riding in the city streets has its own set of challenges. Bad roads, careless management of traffic, lack of proper infrastructure, and rash driving cause a large number of accidents, particularly in urban and semi-urban areas.

Thus, to avoid financial loss during unforeseen mishaps, riders need to opt for a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan, a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy, or an own damage insurance, as per their budget and requirements. 

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