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Saina Poddar’s Influencing is impacting the Market.

Saina is a rising name amongst the newly popular Social Media Influencers Community. Though she belongs to a typical Investment Banking Background, Saina eventually turned her college-time leisure activity of blogging into a growing and profitable source of earnings with followers across the globe.

With Zero Support and with No Background in Influencing Saina Started her journey. Saina Poddar who is a resident of Mumbai has worked for 110+ Brands till date, some of the notable Brands she has worked with includes names like Manish Malhotra Beauty, Mark’s & Spencer, My Glamm etc. She is also the brand Ambassador for Brands like ‘Luxurious Ayurveda Gold’.
When Asked Saina shared a few tips for people who want to become Influencers, Poddar said Nothing happens overnight. You can’t track your success against others in the business. Saina added ‘ I would watch other companies grow to millions of subscribers while we were still in the thousands. I used to ask myself, “What am I doing wrong? I must be doing something wrong.” I had to stop and be glad about the fact that I was growing and focus on finding the analytics. Then I realized that ‘You can’t be everything to everyone. In the beginning, I wanted to make great blogs on Product Reviewing, On DIY, lifestyle, recipes, etc. I couldn’t tackle all of those categories, so I decided to start with what I was best at and build up the others over time.
I also suggest that influencers should Track their numbers from the very beginning. I was terrible at tracking my numbers in the beginning and it made it difficult to know my true growth from the start. I had to backtrack to realize how much I had actually grown. Knowing your growth can help motivate you when times get difficult. added Saina.

It feels disconnected to say that influencers should be reckoned with having an image issue. Carefully controlling their substance yield, they are specialists in culminating their own branding. But, a harsh standing appears to have been developed around them. While influencer marketing has taken off in ubiquity, influencers themselves haven’t partaken in a similar degree of festivity. Instead, a steady stream of clickbait stories implies influencers are work-shy hobbyists, entitled and freebie-grabbing. Unsurprising then, that a survey, which found ‘influencer’ or ‘YouTuber’ cited as some of the top career aspirations of children across the globe said Saina.

By TIS Staffer
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