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Thanks A Dot: SBI Life’s social initiative towards Breast Cancer Awareness

Thanks A Dot: SBI Life’s social initiative towards Breast Cancer Awareness

For nearly four decades now, October has been recognized as the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time devoted towards spreading awareness about breast cancer. SBI Life Insurance launched, ‘Thanks A Dot’ campaign, fourth year in a row to raise awareness among women about breast cancer by steering them towards self-breast examinations for early detection of lumps. 


According to statistics, breast cancer is the most common form of malignancy among women around the world and has now become one of the most rising form of cancers in India. So much so that every four minutes, a woman gets diagnosed with it. Unfortunately, most of them, including urban women do not consult doctors until they have reached its later stages. 


The chronic underlying stress of having to multitask constantly leave most women with little to no time for self-care. Because of it, many an ache and discomfort gets sidelined until they get metamorphosed into something massive. It is high time every woman is made to realize the importance of focusing on her health and do what it takes to keep herself well. 


A small step such as self- breast examination at regular intervals can go a long way in empowering women to stay on top of their health. This simple act, performed just once a month can save lives. It takes just a few minutes and involves using hands and eyes to examine one’s breasts and determine if there are any changes in their look and feel.


Doctors across the world recommend this practice unanimously as it helps women gain better awareness about their physical health, recognize the slightest of anomalies instantly and bring them to the attention of their doctors for timely treatment.


Therefore, it has been a long-standing purpose of SBI Life’s Thanks A Dot to bring about a behavioral change in women by inculcating in them, the life-saving skill of self-breast examinations so that lumps, if any, can be detected early and lives can be saved. The campaign was launched with the purpose of initiating a dialogue about breast health and SBI Life has organized numerous educational workshops in rural India to break down the socio-cultural barriers associated with the disease. 


In addition to improving the tactile capacity in women across the country, SBI Life, through Thanks A Dot, has been spearheading the following initiatives:


  1. Organizing awareness camps to spur conversations around the impact of breast cancer and the importance of self-checks
  2. The company also launched a Thanks A Dot Whatsapp Chat Bot, that will help woman set reminders for self-breast checks. Message ‘Hi’ on 8860780000 and read through the implications of breast cancer on health along with some reading materials and tutorial videos that you will get in response
  3. Offering comprehensive insurance policies to facilitate its customers to secure their families both mentally and financially in case of a cancer diagnosis
  4. Providing unparalleled digital experience to its customers
  5. Providing hassle-free claim settlement experience to its customers by following ethical standards of service

SBI Life's 'Thanks A Dot' self-breast examination kit

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