AP Dhillon & Sidhu Moosewala’s Insta page responds to ongoing Punjabi singers’ controversy

Around 13 hours ago singer Shubh (aka Shubneet Singh) broke his silence about the recent controversy amid the ongoing diplomatic…

AP Dhillon & Sidhu Moosewala’s Insta page responds to ongoing Punjabi singers’ controversy

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Around 13 hours ago singer Shubh (aka Shubneet Singh) broke his silence about the recent controversy amid the ongoing diplomatic row between India and Canada.  due to which he has been facing backlash and that has also led to the cancellation of his India tour. In the midst of these events, singer AP Dhillon has conveyed a message advocating for “promoting love instead of hatred.” The singer, who is based in Canada, shared this message on Instagram Stories one day after Shubh’s Still Rollin India Tour was cancelled due to allegations of his support for the Khalistan cause. Additionally, the Instagram page of the late Sidhu Moosewala also addressed the public outcry surrounding Shubh.


AP Dhillon’s Message 


AP Dhillon conveyed on Instagram Stories that he attempts to avoid the frenzy of social media since he believes that, regardless of his actions or words, they might be twisted to someone’s preferred narrative, furthering division. He expressed the challenge artists face in concentrating on their art due to the fear of unintentionally exacerbating division. 


The singer who has been residing in Canada since 2015 and recently visited India, further mentioned that artists often find their public images being manipulated by political and special interest groups for their own objectives, even though artists aim to produce art that touches people universally, irrespective of their background or identity.


He ended by emphasizing the importance of promoting love over hatred, encouraging individual thinking and resisting the sway of divisive influences. He reminded everyone of the unity that binds all and highlighted the harm division has caused, stressing that unity holds the key to a better future.


Message From Late Sidhu Moosewala’s Page


Late Sidhu Moosewala’s Instagram page expressed support for Shubh, drawing parallels between Shubh’s situation and Sidhu’s own experiences. The statement conveyed that Sidhu, who consistently advocated for his people, was unfairly branded a terrorist without substantial evidence. Sadly, Shubh found himself in a similar predicament, facing a sudden wave of national hostility due to a well-intentioned Instagram Story.


The statement raised a thought-provoking question about why artists from minority backgrounds often confront adversity, whether it be through persecution or attempts to silence them. It emphasized that music transcends caste and religion and lamented the loss of Sidhu due to the prevailing hatred in society. The statement concluded by questioning when this cycle of hatred would come to an end, highlighting the need for change and unity.


Cancellation Of Shubh’s India Tour After Backlash


On Wednesday, BookMyShow made an announcement regarding the cancellation of Shubh’s Still Rollin Tour in India. They conveyed through a tweet, “The Still Rollin Tour for India by singer Shubhneet Singh has been cancelled. In response, BookMyShow has initiated a full refund process for all ticket purchasers, with refunds expected to reflect in the original transaction source accounts within 7-10 working days.”


The ticket-booking platform faced criticism on social media for hosting Shubh, who had been associated with allegations of sympathizing with Khalistani sentiments after a controversial Instagram Stories post earlier this year. In this post, Shubh reportedly shared a distorted map of India with the caption “Pray for Punjab.” Additionally, it was noted that Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and others unfollowed Shubh on Instagram amidst the backlash.


On Thursday, Shubh expressed his disappointment at the tour’s cancellation through a statement on Instagram. He expressed his dedication to preparing for this tour over the past two months and his eagerness to perform in India. He further explained his intentions behind sharing that story and expressed how his message had been misinterpreted.


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