Karmma Calling: A Remarkable Performance of Raveena Tandon



Karmma Calling Review: A Remarkable Performance of Raveena Tandon

Karmma Calling Web Series Review: A Remarkable Performance of Raveena Tandon in a Lazy Tale of Retribution.

Karmma Calling Review: A Remarkable Performance of Raveena Tandon

Narration: A young lady is determined to bring an end to everyone who mistreated her father and ruined her early years. How far she will go in her quest for vengeance is the question that emerges.    


Raveena Tandon plays the role of Indrani Kothari in this desi adaptation. She used to be an actress and is now well-known in Alibaug as a socialite. But everything changes dramatically when Karma Talwar (Namrata Sheth), a mysterious young girl, enters her life. The arrival of Karma turns many lives upside down. Karmma Calling, to put it simply, is about a little girl’s quest for revenge.

Karmma Calling, a television series that is adapted from the famous American original series “Revenge,” struggles mightily to incorporate the elements of gory retribution into Indrani’s glossy, far-from-ideal world. The overly simplistic and careless writing, which primarily aims to replicate a Western story in an ultra-rich Desi setting, is the main problem with this work. Words like “paisewale” and “gareeb,” which they emphasise, give the entire story a jaded sound. The characterisations and their circumstances are rife with contradictions as well. For instance, it is always a mystery how Karma, an orphan, manages to accumulate such wealth and what kind of work she does. A set of brothers own a lavish cafe in a beach town and are always complaining about their family being broke and gareeb. 

Even the most prominent character, such as Indrani, appears to be unsure of her goals and principles. Karma’s plans are usually absurd, and her retaliation seems to be easily accomplished. She doesn’t even have to think twice to wreak severe havoc on Indrani’s life and those close to her.

Redeeming qualities of the film 

Despite all the inconsistencies in the writing, Raveena Tandon is the show’s saving grace because she excels at portraying the subtleties of her character, even on the small screen. Namrata Sheth speaks with confidence. In his brief appearance on screen as Satyajit, Karma’s father, Rohit Roy does a good job. Although they are visually appealing, Varun Sood and Devangshi Sen, who portray Indrani’s disobedient kids, could utilise a few more facial expressions. Additionally, the costume design and cinematography are appropriately glossy. Director Ruchi Narain does a fantastic job of exploring the politics of high society. 

The movie’s star cast is Raveena Tandon, Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood, Viraf Patel, and Vikramjeet Virk.

Director:  Ruchi Narain 

Producer: RAT Films 

Music Director: Relish 

Cinematography: Bhushankumar Jain  

Streaming on: Disney+hotstar