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Afghanistan hanging by thread & Afghan people should not be left deserted, says UN


Guterres asked governments to suspend regulations and conditions that stifle the Afghan economy and life-saving humanitarian aid.

With Afghanistan “hanging by a thread” six months after the Taliban took power, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday that the world cannot forsake the country now – for the sake of its people and global security. “Right now, we need the international community – and this Council – to put their hands on the steering wheel of progress, contribute resources, and stop Afghanistan from spiraling any further,” Guterres said in his UN Security Council briefing on Afghanistan. According to a UN release, Guterres also outlined measures for the country’s de facto rulers, the Taliban, calling on the extremists to promote opportunity and security for Afghans, defend human rights, and demonstrate a genuine commitment to being a part of the international community. 

Afghanistan has historically been unfairly used as a platform for political objectives, geopolitical benefit, ideological supremacy, horrific conflicts, and terrorism, according to the Secretary-General. “We cannot forsake the people of Afghanistan as a matter of moral responsibility – and regional and global security and prosperity,” he said, adding that Afghans need peace, hope, and assistance immediately.

In the midst of yet another terrible winter, the country’s economy is failing, and daily living has become “a freezing hell.” According to the statement, over half of all citizens are suffering from severe hunger, and some families have been forced to sell their babies in order to buy food. Meanwhile, global banking system sanctions and mistrust have blocked over USD 9 billion in central bank assets, depriving crucial systems of much-needed funding. Human rights are losing ground as the economy continues to deteriorate. Guterres reminded the Council that the UN had issued a more than USD 4.4 billion appeal for Afghanistan earlier this month in order to prevent the country’s food, education, and economic institutions from collapsing.

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