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Britain, Canada and Australia joins US in diplomatic boycott of 2022 Winter Beijing Olympics

Beijing Olympics

After the Biden administration in US, on Monday, announced the decision of diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Beijing Olympics, Britain, Canada and Australia have now followed the US. Beijing has warned all the countries boycotting the Winter Games.

The Biden-led US government, on Tuesday, said that they will stage what is called a ‘diplomatic boycott’ of the 2022 Winter Beijing Olympics that is all set to commence from February 4 in 2022. The reason for this move, as stated by the US, is because of the large-scale human rights violations and atrocities in the Xinjiang province of China. Following the announcement by the White House, Britain, on Wednesday also joined its ally- the US.  PM Boris Johnson stated that there would be an effective diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Olympics games in China. As per Britain, they would not send their ministers and officials to the games but participants will be allowed to take part.

Canada, on Wednesday, also joined both US and Britain and announced the decision of diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in China. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that just like our partners, we are also worried and concerned about the gruesome and large-scale human rights violation by the ruling dispensation in China and this is the reason we will not be sending any diplomatic representatives to the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister also said Australia will also join the US in a ‘diplomatic boycott’ and that their decision was in response to human rights violations in China’s Xinjiang province against Uyghurs Muslims. 

Facing huge criticism, the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry Wang Wenbin, on Thursday, warned all the nations against what they call ‘diplomatic boycott’. China stated that the countries will pay an inevitable price for their decision.

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