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Quad unveils new initiatives for the grouping


The Quad summit saw the launch of various initiatives including fellowship, maritime Project. The countries had talked about diverse issues including Russia- the Ukraine war. 

On the opening day of The Quadrilateral Alliance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the alliance a force for good. The event had various launches including a maritime project which will track the dark shipping across the Indo- Pacific region. The summit was scheduled amid the three months of aggression by Russia toward Ukraine.  The war has affected the countries and global markets of food, and fuel and is changing geopolitics.  The leaders apart from Russia’s aggression on Ukraine discussed, the post-coup crackdown in Myanmar. The countries united their voices and called for the release of detainees including foreigners. The group also welcomed the special envoy of the ASEAN chair. 

PM Modi during his opening remarked that the grouping is aimed at an inclusive Indo-Pacific region.” Countries will have increased cooperation in vaccine production and delivery, climate change, supply chain resilience, and disaster response. The countries presented a joint statement, addressing the concerns arising out of the crisis however PM Modi remained silent about the Ukraine Crisis. 

One of the concerns of the grouping amid the Ukraine crisis was the Chinese military move in the Indo -Pacific region, highlighting the joint patrol by the Russian and Chinese forces which took place near the Japanese territories. 

The countries announced Indo- the Pacific Partnership for Maritime Dominance Awareness which will build fast, wide, real-time, and accurate maritime pictures of the activities in the water. The factsheet of the summit highlighted the benefits of this partnership which will track the dark ships and other tactical level activities such as rendezvous at sea. In fact, the countries will look to tackle the climate and humanitarian events as well under this partnership. 

The grouping is also eyeing data sharing through the Quad Satellite Data Portal which will enhance the cooperation among the satellites of the member countries. 

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