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SpaceX Inspiration 4: The first-ever all-civilian orbital mission

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For the first time in history, SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission is set to launch four civilians to space on Wednesday night aboard a SpaceX capsule. A fully automated dragon capsule is of the same kind that is used to send astronauts to and from the space station (ISS) for NASA. SpaceX’s first private flight will be led by a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jared Isaacman. He is taking two sweepstakes winners with him and one healthcare worker who survived childhood cancer. Isaacman, a trained pilot is the one who is bankrolling the entire trip on his behalf. Billionaire Jared Isaacman purchased the flight as a part of an effort to raise millions for st. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As the private flight’s benefactor, Jared Isaacman, says: “This is the first step toward a world where everyday people can go and venture among the stars.”

Inspiration 4 bellwether mission is wholly constituted of civilians with no professional space experience, although the crew has undergone the necessary training but still they can not be counted in the space experts. The Inspiration 4 is set to blast off on Wednesday, September 15, at 8.00 P.M. EDT.  The launch will take place from Kennedy space center, the men & two women will rise higher 100 miles than the space station, seeking an altitude of 357 miles. If it goes all planned then Inspiration 4 will make rounds on the internet for its remarkable historic step and it will become the only first fully private mission of spacecraft that will open numerous opportunities for commoners to travel to space without any restriction and control. 

“We’ve been hearing that for so long, that until it happens, it’s not unusual that people are a little skeptical about that,” says Alan Ladwig, who in the 1980s led NASA’s Space Flight Participant Program, an initiative to send civilian storytellers like teachers and journalists to space as a way to get the public excited about human spaceflight.

“But in order to get to the endpoint we want, you have to go through this initial step, with the early adopters and paying higher costs to go in order to eventually lower the cost,” he exclaimed. 

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