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Sudan's general declares state of emergency post arrest of PM Hamdok

Sudan's general declares state of emergency post arrest of PM Hamdok

Several members of Sudan's civilian leadership were detained early on October 25, according to Al Hadath TV, as a prominent pro-democracy group urged Sudanese to take to the streets to oppose any military coup. Sudan has been on edge after a failed coup attempt last month sparked furious recriminations between military and civilian factions that were supposed to share power when former President Omar al-Bashir was deposed in 2019.

After months of mass protests, Bashir was deposed. After his dismissal, a political transition was agreed upon that would lead to elections by the end of 2023. Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has joined his voice to the increasing worldwide outrage over Sudan's military coup. After Sudan's top military proclaimed a state of emergency and dismissed the civilian government, Mr. Macron tweeted, "France condemns the attempted coup in the harshest terms."

Macron stated that France backs the transitional government in Sudan, which has been tasked with guiding the country toward democratic elections. He also demanded the "immediate release" of Sudan's Prime Minister and other arrested civilian leaders. - Associated Press. The United States has urged Sudan's military to stand down.'

The US claims that the leaders of Sudan's military coup are impeding the country's democratic transition and should "step aside."

Sudan's commanding general proclaimed a state of emergency and disbanded the ruling body that had been jointly controlled by military and civilian officials, the US Embassy in Sudan said on Twitter Monday it was "gravely worried." "All actors who are disrupting Sudan's transition to stand aside," the embassy said in the statement, "and enable the civilian-led transitional government to continue its crucial work to fulfil the revolution's aims." - Associated Press

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