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The US has ‘sincere concerns’ about Pakistan serving as a safe haven for terrorists


For many years, Pakistan has been chastised by governments around the world for providing safe harbour to terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and others.

The Pentagon stated on Thursday that the US has “honest concerns” that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists, and that its fears have been genuine for a long time. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said at a news briefing that Pakistan must remember its equities and responsibilities in the face of terrorism in “that region of the world.” Kirby went on to say that the US has every right to launch airstrikes in Afghanistan to combat the terror threat, despite the fact that its ground soldiers departed the country over a month ago, ending a 20-year war.

“We’ve been very honest about our concerns with Pakistan for a long time, about the safe havens that exist on their side of the border along that spine. And those concerns are still valid today,” John Kirby was quoted as saying by the PTI news agency. He said that US leaders are keeping on their “candid conversations” with their Pakistani counterparts to make sure that as Afghanistan’s neighbour, Pakistan continues to uphold its own “equities and responsibilities”.

“I think it’s important to continue to remind that the Pakistani people, likewise, have been rendered victim by terrorist threats that emanate from those groups and along that same border,” the Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said. Further he also added, “We believe we have the authorities that we need to continue to protect the nation”.

For perspective, Pakistan has long been chastised by governments throughout the world for providing safe harbour to terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda and others. However, the former Ashraf Ghani government in Afghanistan, which was backed by the US, has expressed worry about Islamabad offering a safe haven for Taliban militants and even medical assistance when needed.

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