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Ukrainian troops surrender in Mauripol: Russia

Russia’s defense ministry on Wednesday said that 959 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered this week at the last stronghold in the city of Mariupol. A ministry spokesperson said that numbers were 694 who had surrendered during the past 24 hours. Ukrainian officials have not yet confirmed the figures. This came as the battle that turned the city into a worldwide symbol of defiance and suffering drew toward a close.

Deputy Defence Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar said on Monday, 16 May, that more than 260 fighters had destroyed the Azovstal steel plant. They also turned themselves over to Russian forces. Russia termed this as the operation of a mass surrender. He also said that the soldiers would be swapped in a prisoner’s exchange. But contradictory to this, Russian officials said that the shoulders should be tried. 

Ukraine, on this, says that their military had succeeded in the mission. They stated, “The goal was that our guys, who heroically defend the city and restrain the enemy directly in Mariupol, did not allow them to pass through Mariupol”. Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko told VOA’s Ukrainian Service. “That is, they saved the nation, they allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to prepare and other cities to be more prepared for this terrible war that has already taken place in Ukraine.”

Published images show wounded soldiers being carried on stretchers. The injured were taken to a hospital in the eastern Donetsk region which is controlled by pro-Kremlin rebels. When asked whether the Ukrainian soldiers will be treated as war criminals or prisoners of war, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman did not give an answer. Zakharova told that all the wounded Azovstal soldiers “will be provided with qualified medical care”.

It is still not clear how the troops who were holed up in bunkers and tunnels underneath the steelworks decided to surrender. Both the countries have not provided any details on the agreement yet. 


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