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Werley Nortreus: “What is happening to black people in Ukraine must not be tolerated”

Russia and Ukraine have been in conflict with each other for some time. President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s army to take control of part of Ukraine. This caused war and the whole world panicked. A war between the Russian army and the Ukrainian army has caused places in Ukraine to go down. As a result, the majority of Ukrainian residents have had to seek refuge. 

According to several videos posted on social media, the Ukrainian authorities have agreed that the white people leave Ukraine, except for the black people and people of color who are not allowed to leave. Many African governments and black leaders have spoken out on the issue and called on the Ukrainian authorities to allow blacks to take refuge in the same way as white Ukrainians.

Werley Nortreus, a Haitian candidate, and author spoke about the discrimination and racism toward the black people in Ukraine during the war. He stated that racism and discrimination against black people should not be tolerated and the Ukrainian authorities should allow them to take refuge like white Ukrainians there.

“The bad treatment of blacks in Ukraine must not be tolerated. Ukrainian authorities must also allow them to take refuge. I hope Russia and Ukraine get along soon but the racism in Ukraine must stop”, says Werley, the Haitian candidate.

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