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“What we give is what we ultimately receive” – says Motivational Speaker Jitendra Khimlani who has dedicated his life to help people

Jitendra KhimlaniJitendra Khimlani

We live in a fast-paced world and hardly anyone bothers to contribute time for oneself. People need to have self-realization and a constant dose of motivation to get going in this world. Hence need arises for people like Jitendra Khimlani. He is an excellent motivational speaker and Life Transformation Coach. He treats Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji as his Guru and serves as faculty in Art of Living as well. Jitendra has reached out to more than 30000 lives by conducting various sessions and workshops for self-development and mental health.

We are constantly responding to changes in our environment and thus we need the motivation to take corrective action in the face of fluctuating circumstances. Jitendra says Motivation is a vital resource that allows us to adapt, function productively, and maintain wellbeing in the face of a constantly changing stream of opportunities and threats. Socialization teaches impulse control and helps individuals develop a conscience. Thus Jitendra inspires people through live examples by collaborating with many celebrities in his live sessions and programs.

According to Jitendra we all should do something and be the inspiration, something that brings about a positive change in the current scenario and brings smiles on the faces of the people making our world a better place to live. So he conceptualized the idea of trending a revolution of #Sevatrend. Jitendra wanted each and every such individual to be that change we want to see. He needed to reach to the masses to bring a positive change in their lives and the people around them through ‘seva’, through the random act of kindness and inspire the world. He also came up with an Instagram series “Colors of Life” to spread smile and provide the much-needed motivation to people by making an effort to uplift the human spirit via online platforms.

Jitendra popularly known as Jitu Bhaiya wants to contribute his life to motivate and inspire people in a positive way. Jitendra’s efforts have helped many people make important decisions and find direction in their lives and have been remarkably appreciated by people who have benefited from his sessions

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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