108 Ambulance Paramedics the unsung health warriors of India – states Jitendra Sharma from Ziqitza Healthcare

Ziqitza have been innovating in the Emergency transport and medical solutions sector since 2005. One of our goals is to…

108 Ambulance Paramedics the unsung health warriors of India – states Jitendra Sharma from Ziqitza Healthcare

Ziqitza have been innovating in the Emergency transport and medical solutions sector since 2005. One of our goals is to make sure that everyone who requires our services receives them in a timely manner, with no delay or complication. Each year Paramedics are often overlooked, but they make a huge contribution to public health. They save many lives by delivering first aid and rushing injured patients to hospitals before they get badly hurt.


The idea of being a paramedic is generally not well known to the general population, and most people have just heard a few different things and have formed their own sort of opinion. This can lead to some insulting assumptions. Two of these myths are about drivers and nurses. These myths are so prevalent that they lead to misconception that “paramedic” being actually called “Nurse”.


Dr. Santosh Datar at Ziqitza Healthcare ltd says, the reality is that paramedics are highly trained first responders who have intense qualifications based on their specializations. A hospital doctor is an expert in their area of medicine, so sometimes they’re not the best for certain emergencies; a paramedic can administer a range of treatments including heart attacks and various physical traumas. A nurse or medical doctor isn’t legally qualified to become a paramedic. Paramedics require different qualifications or training, and they have to be in good physical and mental shape. Paramedics can provide assistance for not only doctors but other highly trained professionals.


Here are just some of the things that paramedics do:

  • First responders in emergencies
  • First aid is administered to injured
  • Medical equipment for specialization, like ventilators and defibrillators
  • Transferring patients to hospitals during “the “Golden Hour”
  • Treatment of patients in the transit
  • Reducing anxiety for the patients and their families and informing them about the circumstances at hand
  • Writing reports about the patient’s health condition for use by hospital personnel


The job of a paramedic can be quite demanding, especially in India. They have to work shifts that last throughout the day and night, as emergencies happen 24 hours a day. Yet, somehow in spite of all the fatigue and stress that this job demands, they always do their work without hesitation and save lives. Paramedics are often the unsung people who save lives on the street. We would like to thank them for being aware of themselves and the kind of work they do in order to make sure we feel safer. This is a good start, as noted by the Dr. Datar, Ziqitza Healthcare. The paramedics who worked with Ziqitza Rajasthan will also vouch for the fact that their role in saving lives during medical emergency has played a huge difference. has


Mr. Jitendra Sharma, Head of Government Business – Ziqitza Healthcare Limited states that medical emergencies comes as awful surprise. It could be the result of an accident such as fainting or high fever, mental and sudden illnesses. The “golden hour” refers to the first hour after a medical emergency occurs. The term was coined because it is during this time when most deaths happen for unknown reasons, whether it be from trauma or infection. Individuals who are trained in first aid or paramedics often have the opportunity to help alleviate pain, minimize the chance for complications and disability, and even save lives. It is important to make sure that the courses that Ziqitza Limited offers helps educate the frontline health worker, be it EMT or paramedic, so they can serve a crucial role in managing a range of health situations.

We are extremely proud of our Paramedics which have continuously strive to provide upmost medical care while transferring the patient in 108 Ambulances. They have skills sets that help them manage any medical emergency cases even in the remotest area in India.


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