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How Dental Implants Help in Maintaining Oral Health and Prevent Further Dental Issues

Dr. Suhrab Singh of Neo-Dental Clinic

Dr. Suhrab Singh of Neo-Dental Clinic, Noida, emphasizes why and how dental implants help maintain oral health and prevent dental issues in the patient. He states that dental implants are beneficial for restoring missing teeth, restoring dental health and preventing further deterioration.


Dr. Suhrab Singh, a leading dentist in Noida at Neo Dental Clinic, states, ‘As oral health is essential for overall wellness, I recommend dental implants for patients with missing teeth to eat well and look well. I remain committed to providing my patients with the best possible quality dental care.’


Dental implants replace the roots of the missing teeth. These dental implants offer numerous advantages and hence are most recommended by dentists worldwide. The dentist will firmly screw the implant into the jawbone and place a crown or fake tooth over it.


Long-lasting and durable is one of the main advantages of the dental implant. Studies reveal that dental implants last more than 10 – 15 years, dental bridges require replacement within 5 – 10 years and dentures after every ten years.


They prevent the loss of jawbone loss that occurs after losing a tooth. With no tooth to hold or support, the jawbone shrinks in size and is reabsorbed by the body. But with a dental implant, the jawbone is retained and helps to support the new tooth.


Also, jawbone loss can lead to the reshaping of the face, such as cheek collapse, sagging skin, sunken look, which are further prevented by the timely placement of the dental implant.


In the case of a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth move towards the space, leading to chewing or biting issues. Hence, with a dental implant, the surrounding teeth stay in their place, and there is no change in the biting and chewing abilities.


Dr. Suhrab Singh assures dental implants function like teeth and are better than dental bridges and dentures. They also help retain speech delivery and ensure the patient speaks well and usually, apart from regaining their smile aesthetics.


Dr. Suhrab Singh shares a successful patient story related to dental implants. Ms S, a 40 YO female, was highly self-conscious and could not chew properly when she approached him for a solution. After extensive evaluation, he recommended a dental implant as an ideal solution, to which she agreed. Dr. Suhrab Singh explained the entire procedure, which included a bone graft procedure followed by a dental implant procedure. The process took a few months, and Ms. S was happy with her dental implant. Her speech and smile aesthetic also improved with improved chewing ability.


Dr. Suhrab Singh emphasizes that patients need to take good care of their dental implants and maintain proper dental hygiene. The dental implants need regular brushing, cleaning and flossing too.


About Dr. Suhrab Singh


He is one of the leading dentists in Noida who offers comprehensive range of dental treatments, including root canal treatment, dental crowns, dental implants and dental fillings. He has acquired considerable expertise in treating tooth decay, damaged or weakened teeth, and infected tooth pulp.


He is a patient-centric and compassionate doctor who trains his patients on how to maintain their oral hygiene. Also, he ensures his patients receive latest and state-of-the-art treatment for best possible outcomes and recovery.


To learn more about Dr. Suhrab Singh's dental services, please get in touch with him at.



4th Floor, Neo Hospital D170A,

Sector 50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


Timings: Monday to Saturday: 10am to 8 pm Sunday (closed)

Email: suhrab.singh@gmail.com

Phone: 9818872732, 01204880044, 9755712732

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