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Dialogue Is The Only Way To Resolve Conflicts Between Nations And Societies, Says PM Modi

Dialogue Is The Only Way To Resolve Conflicts Between Nations And Societies, Says PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said “Samvad” or “Dialogue" is the only way to cut through deep rooted religious stereotypes and prejudices that divide communities across the world and sow seeds of conflict between nations and societies. 

In a video message to the second edition of Samvad -- Global Initiative on Conflict Avoidance and Environment Consciousness,  being  organised in Yangon this week-end, Mr. Modi  said that societies across the world are facing several questions today, such as:  How to avoid conflict?  How to address a global challenge like climate change?  How to live in peace and harmony and secure our lives? 

He said that it is only natural that the search for answers be led by the humanity’s longest traditions of thought, rooted in various religions, civilizations, and multiple streams of spirituality. 

The Prime Minister said that he is a "product of the ancient Indian tradition that firmly believes in dialogue on difficult issues." He said that the ancient Indian concept of “Tarka Shastra” is founded on dialogue and debate as the model for exchange of views and avoidance of conflict. 

Giving illustrations from Indian mythology such as Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha and Bhakta Prahlada, the Prime Minister said that the purpose of each of their actions was to uphold Dharma, which has sustained Indians from ancient to modern times. 

The Prime Minister said that if man does not nurture nature, then nature reacts in the form of climate change. Environmental laws and regulations, Dialogue while essential in any modern society, afford only an inferior protection to nature, he added, calling for "harmonious environmental consciousness." 

"As the inter-connected and inter-dependent world of 21st century battles a number of global challenges, from terrorism to climate change, I am confident that the solutions will be found through Asia’s oldest traditions of dialogue and debate," the Prime Minister said.

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