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Guru Purnima To Be Celebrated On 16th July; India To Witness Chandra Grahan On 17th July

Guru Purnima To Be Celebrated On 16th July; India To Witness Chandra Grahan On 17th July

This year, Guru Purnima falls on July 16. It is believed that Lord Buddha gave his first sermon on this day. After five weeks of achieving enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, Buddha went from Bodhgaya to Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh where he gave the sermon on the full moon day. The followers of Buddha thus, celebrate this day to worship him.

Guru Purnima is also known as Vyasa Purnima and it marks the birth anniversary of Veda Vyasa.

The Tithi will begin at 01:48 am on Tuesday, July 16, and will end at 3:07 am on 17th July. Coincidentally, Partial Lunar Eclipse is also taking place on 17 July in India. 

In India, the Partial Eclipse will begin at 1:31 a.m and the maximum eclipse will occur at 3 a.m. Chandra Grahan will end at 04:29 a.m. The total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours, 34 minutes. The duration of the partial eclipse is 2 hours, 58 minutes.

A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the three celestial bodies do not form a straight line in space. When that happens, a part of the Moon's surface is covered by the darkest, the central part of the Earth's shadow. This central part of the Earth's shadow is called the umbra.

The festival is celebrated in countries like India, Nepal and other countries of Buddhist and Jain influence. People worship their spiritual preceptors and give them gifts. They visit their temples and offer them respect and seek their blessings.

Most people observe fast on this day as a symbol of loving exchange and prayers for the long life of the Guru in order to get his/her regular guidance.

People recite Shloka on this day in remembrance of their Gurus.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara 

Guru Saakshaat Parabrahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah .. 

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