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Heat stress causes a forest fire in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarkashi

Tehri Garhwal

With the constant increase in temperatures, the hilly areas of Uttarkashi seem to have triggered a strange fire deep in the woods of Tehri Garhwal district last night. The regional meteorological centre on Friday issued a red alert on the town after predicting the worst leap in the heatwave from 9th April onwards. It is presumed that the temperatures will increase by 2-3 marks from April 9th-12th, according to the Met forecast. 

The temperatures are expected to rise to 38-40 degrees Celsius by 11th April which is about 7 degrees above the normal temperature of many places in Uttarakhand. The places under red alert in Uttarkashi are Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Almora, Tehri, Bageshwar, Nainital, and Champawat districts. 

A total of 32 incidents have been reported in different parts of the place on Thursday, with twenty-one cases in the Kumaon region and eight in the Garhwal region. With a score of 272 wildfire incidents, Uttarakhand is prone to fire this season affecting about 355 hectares of forest land. 13 places have reported a forest fire in the last 24 hours in Garhwal.  

The Uttarakhand government is advised to install firebreaks in the vulnerable regions limiting the fire from spreading to the places that are close by. Farmers are also advised to irrigate their crops regularly to keep them from destroying. 

Many places were affected by the fire with a loss of more than thirty-five thousand rupees contributing to a loss in the economy.  Meanwhile, the Chief conservator of Forest, Forest department, and Forest Fire and Management is trying to impose all kinds of safety measures to protect the regions that have been affected. Such incidents are requested to be reported immediately and must be taken seriously. 

The DFO is still investigating the cause of the fire in these regions and help is being taken from the police. Temperatures are set to rise in the upcoming months and the residents of Uttarkashi are fearful of the current situations in the hilly regions. 

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