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Twitter’s clash with the Indian government leads to new lawful guidelines

According to unknown sources, Twitter is toppling some Indian government orders to take down content from the social media platform. This legal challenge alleges abuse of power by officials. Twitter has asked the Indian authorities over the past year to react to content, including accounts supporting an independent Sikh state, posts allegedly spreading misinformation about farmers’ protests, and retweeting critical tweets of the government handles in the COVID-19 pandemic. Among all other reasons, the enforced IT act lets the government block public access to content in the interest of national security. 

The social media platform Twitter’s market research firm says that it has nearly 24 million users in India and argues how some of its orders were unsuccessful in providing orders and failed to give notice to authors of such content. It said that some tweets were related to political content posted by official handles of political parties and blocking of those accounts that violate the guidelines of Twitter, such as freedom of speech and others. Tensions led to the Indian government’s early flare last year when Twitter refused to completely comply with a command to take down accounts and posts New Delhi claimed were spreading false information about anti-government rallies by farmers.

Twitter has faced criticism in India for blocking accounts of many influential individuals, including politicians, violating policies regarding guided lines. India has industry transparent reports that show the highest government requests for content takedowns and withdrawals that are considered some of the new amendments to its new IT rules, including the introduction of a government-run pull panel with the power to invert and make content moderation decisions for social media companies. New Delhi said that measures would be taken as the companies have violated Indian constitutional rights. 









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