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World Happiness Index:- India not that Happy, sits at 126th spot in the World Happiness Report 2023

World Happiness Report 2023

Finland, for the 6th consecutive year, was ranked on top, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Israel and the Netherlands in the recently released World Happiness Report 2023.


India, a country of about 1.4 billion people, has witnessed a slight increase in its ranking in the World Happiness Report 2023, climbing to 126th spot from 136th. As per the recently-launched 2023 World Happiness Report, Finland has been successful in maintaining its 1st position in the World Happiness Index for the past 6 consecutive years. Unveiled by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the World Happiness Report suggested that Finland outpassed other countries by a significant margin in the report that was released on Monday. Denmark was second, followed by Iceland and India was far behind at the 126th spot with even war-torn Ukraine and economically unstable Sri Lanka maintaining good ranking as compared to India. 


The rankings issued in the World Happiness Report 2023 are based on data from the main life evaluation question in the Gallup World Poll, which measures how happy citizens perceive themselves to be. Researchers have gone through several aspects and have looked at six important variables to come to the conclusion where people are happy in the world. These variables include social support, money, health, independence, charity, and lack of corruption. The report discovered that, despite a number of converging crises, overall life satisfaction is on par with levels prior to the epidemic.


However, as soon as the report was published, Indians were all active on Social Media, raising questions about India’s ranking. What was surprising was that despite India emerging as a major economy, Indians were not happy as compared to other countries, particularly Nomadic countries. What raised eyebrows was the fact that war-torn Ukraine and economically bankrupt Sri Lanka fared well as compared to India with Ukraine sitting at 92nd and Sri Lanka at 112th spot respectively. What was also a matter of concern for Indians was the fact that most of the neighbouring countries of India fared well. Sri Lanka at 112, Pakistan at 108 and Nepal at 78 were way ahead than India. However, Afghanistan, a close ally of India was at the very bottom of the list with occupying the 137th spot. The World Happiness Report also highlighted African countries like Lebanon, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo were among the unhappiest countries, largely due to factors such as high levels of corruption and low life expectancy.


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