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Zippers Association of India Urges GST Council To Lower Tariffs

Zippers Association of India Urges GST Council To Lower Tariffs

New Delhi,  It may appear to be a bit trivial but zippers do matter. Inexpensive and convenient, zippers have become an integral part of the textile industry. Voicing concerns on behalf of the manufacturers from across the country, the Zippers Association of India has urged the GST Council to lower tariff on zippers from 18 per cent to 12 per cent.

In a letter to the GST Council, the association said that zippers and slide fasteners are part of the textile industry and should not be burdened with high tariff.   

The Zippers Association of India said the industry was already ailing due to GST and its impact on the business of slide fasteners and apparel export industry had been adverse.

“This is already a sick industry; Zipper manufacturing provides employment to about one lakh workers, mainly women. The existing tax rate of 18% is too high and unjust in comparison it was 12 per cent on textiles. The sector has been suffering not due to its capabilities but due to inconsistencies in the policies. The lowering of tariffs will provide the fastener as well as apparel export industry with competitive edge in the existing quota free world,’’ the Association said.

It said that local manufacturing and supply of zippers will shorten delivery time, boost export orders and enhance brand reputation of the garment export industry. Zippers industry will also assist in retaining and generating employment, especially to women, minimize loss of turnover and government revenue collections, the Association contended.

Zippers are used in the manufacture of readymade garments, woolen products, hosiery products, jackets, gloves, windcheaters and covers of pillows, mattresses, quilts and blankets. They are mostly made from textile materials like polyester or monofilament yarn, thread and tapes. 

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