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From “Aayein?” to “Aukaat Dikha Di”: Top 5 Memes of 2023

In India, 2023 was more than just another cup of tea and a game of cricket. This year saw a…

From “Aayein?” to “Aukaat Dikha Di”:  Top 5 Memes of 2023

In India, 2023 was more than just another cup of tea and a game of cricket. This year saw a strong combination of relatable humor and internet virality propel laughter to the forefront. The viral rhythm of memes, each a hilarious snapshot of our collective consciousness, pulsated through the Indian online space as serious news events transpired. These viral sensations brought us together in a chorus of belly laughs and common cultural references, from a middle-aged man’s unexpected geographic expertise to an innocent question from a sixth grader. Now that we’ve revisited the top five memes that made Indians laugh in 2023, set aside your samosas and scroll down.

Top 5 Memes of 2023

1. “Aayein?”: Our Heart-Wondering Sixth Grader (and Memes)

Aditya Kumar, a sixth-grader from Bihar, shot to fame when he responded to a question about his favorite subject with a straightforward but hilarious “Aayein?” (which means “Come in?”). His unassuming pronunciation and endearing demeanor caught on with internet users, resulting in him being turned into a symbol of polite resistance, indecision, and pretty much any circumstance that calls for a lighthearted reaction. “Aayein?” was more than just a meme; it was a phenomenon that brought people together and reminded them that comedy can happen in the most unexpected places.

2. “Bhupendra Jogi: America ke Road?”: The Man With All Knowledge (or Not)

Who would have thought that a discussion about Madhya Pradesh’s road conditions would turn into a national meme? That’s exactly what happened to Bhupendra Jogi, who made bold claims about US infrastructure that made India laugh even though he had never been to the US. The meme became a standard for making fun of ourselves and our propensity to embellish, perfectly capturing the essence of conceited pride and geographical naivete. Bhupendra Jogi’s journey through memes served as a hilarious reminder that inadvertent absurdity can sometimes make for the funniest humor.

3. “Aukaat Dikha Di”: When an Illusion Takes Off

This meme became a universal way to express shock and delight, overcoming barriers of language and social status. “Aukaat Dikha Di” (meaning “Showed their place”) became a meme that was used everywhere on the internet in response to everyday surprises as well as come-from-behind wins and upsets. Its adaptability, which aptly captures the sensation of jaw-dropping amazement when someone or something defies expectations, accounts for its popularity. So don’t hesitate to yell “Aukaat Dikha Di!” the next time you see someone exhibiting extreme emotional distress, and let the power of memes take you there.

4. The Catchphrase That (Virtually) Took Us to Serbia: “Moye Moye”

This absurd yet oddly hypnotic phrase, which came from a song in Serbia, spread like wildfire across India. “Moye Moye” spread like wildfire, appearing in captions, jokes, and even thoughtful conversations. We were all united in our love of the ridiculous by its contagious nonsensical charm, which cut across language barriers. “Moye Moye” demonstrated that all you need for laughter is a catchy tune and the ability to let go of reason.

5. Just looking like a wow

After her Instagram video, in which she enthusiastically promoted salwar suits with the slogan “just looking like a wow,” went viral, Jasmeen Kaur unintentionally rose to fame. People began using her catchy sales pitch and contagious personality to characterize different parts of their lives on social media, making her a viral sensation.

These top 5 memes serve as a testament to the ability of humor to bring people together as 2023 comes to an end. They serve as a reminder that there is humor to be found in the commonplace, the surprising, and even the downright strange. Thus, the next time you’re browsing social media, try laughing instead of just liking and sharing something. After all, memes are what sustain us in a world where cricket and chai are the only things we have.