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5 Reasons why Russia wants to invade Ukraine

5 reasons why Russia wants to Invade Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, ordered a special military operation of Ukraine on Thursday morning. With this move, he sent shockwaves across the globe and also warned that any interference by other nations might result in “consequences, which they have never seen before.” But why is he doing this?

Here are 5 reasons why Russia wants to invade Ukraine: 

1) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky requested US President Joe Biden to allow Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in January of last year. This enraged Russia, which began deploying soldiers to the Ukrainian frontier for “training exercises” in the spring of last year and increased the number in the autumn. By December, the US had begun to “hype” the deployment of Russian soldiers, and President Biden had threatened Russia with severe sanctions if it attacked Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, at no cost, wants to let Ukraine join NATO.

2) Russia has urged a legally enforceable promise from the West that NATO would not conduct military operations in Eastern Europe or Ukraine. Putin considered Ukraine as a puppet of the West and does not want NATO forces to be deployed just at the neighboring country.

3)  This is not the first time that tensions between Russia and Ukraine have erupted. Earlier, Russian-backed separatists captured major regions of eastern Ukraine, and have been fighting Ukraine’s army since then, Russia, in 2014, had also annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region. This is because Putin is leaving in the past; he considers Ukraine to be a part of Russia given their shared history as one nation under the USSR.

4) Unlike the general public perception, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not want to invade the territory of Ukraine as it is near too impossible as Ukraine is a large country in terms of size. What Putin wants is to ensure is that he creates chaos in Ukraine, following which, there could be a regime change. He wants to establish a puppet through which he aims to run Ukraine.

5) “When nothing works, announce a war”, this phrase is so true every time throughout the world. Putin has been in power for about 20 years and with this, there will likely be an anti-incumbency against him and this is proved by his approval ratings. Vladimir Putin’s approval rating is going down among common Russians. Also, there have been issues like depleting economy, inflation, and unemployment. Putin, through announcing a war against Ukraine is trying to invoke a sense of pride and feeling of Nationalism among common citizens. War with Ukraine will help him divert the real economic issues and will boost his popularity as a strong leader who can protect Russia against the West.

With each passing day, things are becoming tough for Kyiv, the next few days are important and it is up to time to tell the faith of Ukraine.

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