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Elon Musk, a Superhero or a Supervillain?

In a recent biography, Musk, the man who wields so much power that he basically controls everything, is now strangely…

Elon Musk, a Superhero or a Supervillain?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

In a recent biography, Musk, the man who wields so much power that he basically controls everything, is now strangely a question mark to society. Elon Musk became the world’s richest man in 2021, he was also named the Person of The Year by Time, the same year. Here, we have a man who is ready to go to any lengths to save our planet. He believes his ongoing missions will serve those complicated situations and carry on operations that may help mankind in the coming years of crisis– decreasing birth rate is a potential threat to humanity, says Musk. Mars & beyond is another SpaceX publicity at small range that now has generated global interests among people who actually want to go to Mars and so on. 


The CEO of Tesla and X also known for his estranged humour and meme sharing has been put up against the world many times. He has always been considered a genius who sometimes seems dissociated from reality. He has been successfully planning his Mars starships for 2029, how he presumes that 2029 will be the first year that humans will set foot on the land of Mars. The idea behind his overachieving Mars Mission is to save humanity from earth or vice-versa. As one of the most successful (but not celebrated) entrepreneurs in the world, even Elon Musk sometimes fails to impress.  


Let’s all zoom in on the fact that why is he overdoing it. 


Musk is currently leading six companies – Tesla, SpaceX (which also includes Starlink), Neuralink, X, and X.AI (a company that he founded earlier this year because he believes human intelligence is not expanding fast enough while artificial intelligence is getting even more smart).  


Calling it Musk’s Law: the answer to killer robots is more Musk babies. Which also means more Musk companies. The technoking has been seen fretting about how AI has got control of most of the things but he just can’t sit around and do nothing. 


Are you genuinely trying to save the world?” Musk was questioned by Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.” Musk muttered, “Well, I’m trying to do good things, okay, rescuing the planet is not, I mean… “But you’re a billionaire and you’re trying to do nice things,” Colbert cut in. Musk agreed by nodding. “That kind of sounds like a superhero or supervillain, which one are you?” asked Colbert. “You must select one.” Musk paused, looking uninterested. 


Musk stands still when you whisper Business, he has got it. From even the smallest to the biggest things in this world are under his control. He is valued at more than a trillion dollars. He has constructed or is creating reusable rocket ships, humanoid robots, hyperloops for fast transportation, and a man-machine interface that will be implanted in human brains, among other things. 


He is a technocrat, entrepreneur, a media mogul, and a political Plato, who has received endless money from the US government for military contracts for space missions and millions of dollars for missile tracking satellites and Starlink’s network for thousands of satellites. It’s true to suggest that day after day, Musk grows in power by controlling the internet, power grids, transportation systems, and objects in space.  


Meanwhile Elon Musk is trying to be the Man behind Billions. “I’m not evil, I’m just widely misunderstood,” he said at Saturday Night Live, a couple of years ago.