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‘NATURE-REBOOT’ 2020 : This world is its campus…

With the ‘International Mother Earth Day’ commemorated every 22nd April ever since 1970 when its founder, former US Senator Gaylord Nelson witnessed the ravages of a massive oil spill in California and decided to mark this date as an annual reminder for us “earthlings” to understand the pressing need for greater environmental protection, the 50th Anniversary of the significant day has been chosen by UN to declare “Climate Action” as the broad theme this year for global activities centering around the environment.

This makes me ponder whether the theory I heard once, of instant karma (much like ‘instant coffee’!) is actually coming alive. At this point, let me just assist you to board my ‘train of thoughts’. So, with the global-scale COVID-19 death-dance all around, isn’t only nature having its last laugh? Since the last three decades of my humble existence on the blue planet, as a citizen of the world’s largest democracy, I have never had the fortune to witness such a clear blue summer-sky during the day and a star-woven black velvet as gateway to the heavens above! With the holy Ganges regaining its long-lost clean water and the ancient Yamuna improving by the day, aren’t these river-lifelines springing back to life? Although depressing news tabloids continue to scream out the increasing number of pandemic-induced deaths, the roads outside illustrate what we heard at school – “pin-drxop silence”! The stressful vehicular-honking and urban-madness has given way to delightful sounds of ‘chirpy-conversations’ among birds, with the melodious koyal always being the all-time favorite. Regular sightings of majestic wild animals peacefully crossing streets are getting viral through social media posts. Shall we say, ‘Social Distancing’ = ‘Nature-Embracing’!

Had we known karma would pop up its ugly head with such rude leveling, we might have had second thoughts before neglecting and abusing our common mother, our Mother Earth!

Nature-reboot camp 2020 has indeed made the world its campus…

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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