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Steps to ensure that your article is read by more readers, online.

We all are aware of the phrase the first impression is the last. Implementing this phrase on article writing implies that the first impression is always created by the title of the article. As soon as someone wants to read an article about a specific topic they get thousands of options in front of them but now it depends on them which one are they going to choose for reading further. So the first thing they consider is the title which has to really interesting and creative. Also, a good title doesn’t contain more than 50 to 60 words. And the reader automatically gets forced to click it and boom you got a view.

While searching for anything on Google you must have observed that below the title of an article there is always a meta description about it or the summary, that what all it includes. This is done to get the readers influenced by the content and to increase the number of clicks. The Meta description should always be revolving around the topic and relevant for the readers, you should also keep in mind the maximum numbers of characters you can use are 160 more than that makes your description look incomplete and kind of abrupt.

As soon as the article gets opened the first glance of it should be easy going and creative and subheadings make that work easy for us as the reader gets the idea by going through them and even gets a choice to read any point first. For example, there can be subheadings in a lifestyle article carrying some kind of benefits for the user, or regarding facts in a political article.

After reading the subheadings the reader comes on the main content.  Heart of the article is the content if nothing is interesting and promising in it, then it becomes a flop. And this breaks the connection of the reader with your site and there is a chance that they would never visit it again. You need to be good with keywords are the number of times you are using it in your article. The keyword should be something that a person may search for. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your article to gain a good rank on Google pages. As mentioned in the above point that keywords are important in the content as it helps the SEO so never overuse the keyword and make sure that the keyword is always there in the title.

Images always make things easy for us doesn’t matter how complicated the point is to understand we get it by looking at them. It is always better for people to visually understand something rather than reading or even listening. Also, even when the readers are not a huge fan of your writing they may get connected with you because of the images in the article.

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