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The deep and dark world of Child Labour

The deep and dark world of Child Labour

We keep on hearing the term Child labour in movies or news. It refers to the scenario in which a child is forced to work from a tender age; it in fact is a crime. They are burdened with responsibilities, such as working for money. There are policies and rules which put restrictions on working children.

Children above the age of 15 years or more are considered to be appropriate for work. Below 15 years can’t be forced into work and if done so then it will fall under the crime of Child Labour. Child Labour snatches away the opportunity of having proper education, mental & physical well-being. In short, it takes away their childhood. It is illegal in some countries but still, people perform it, and it needs to be eradicated.

The causes of Child Labour:

There are different countries with different reasons to still function in such illegal activity. But some common reasons are:

The root cause is poverty and unemployment. When a family doesn’t have sufficient money for their survival, they put their child to work in order to make money. If an adult is unemployed, than the younger ones have to work for the family.

Not all, but uneducated people also put their children into work as they only think about short term result and doesn’t care about the long term scenario. They live in the moment, and such thinking forces them to put their children to work.

Now, there are industries that believe in the strategy of money-saving, which leaves them with the option of hiring children for their work. They hire them so that they can pay them fewer wages/salaries in comparison to an adult. They can manipulate and influence them according to their need. Ultimately they make a profit from everywhere.

How to eradicate Child Labour:

Different and multiple numbers of unions can be formed that just focuses on the prevention of Child Labour. Every possible way of helping the children must be brought in manner, and the people who force them to get involved in it should be strictly punished.

The dark side must be shown to the person who involves their children into it, they must be told the importance of education. Also, if we make education free of cost than we can aware more people and then children will be able to get access to the facility of education. People can be made aware of the consequences that their children have to face during Child Labour and even after that.

Contraceptive methods must be told to people so that they can control the size of their families. This helps in the reduction of family’s burden, as fewer mouths you have less is to be fed. Every family must be provided minimum income so that they can at least survive on it. The government and the people have to come together to fight this social evil. More and more employment opportunities should be given to people. Like this people would be able to earn at least their livelihood and would avoid putting their children into Child Labour.

The children are our future, and no one has the right to take them away from their beautiful childhood.

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