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World Youth Skill Day : Read About The Skills That Can Help You At Your Workplace

New Delhi : As as been rightly said, “Nothing lasts forever”, especially at the workplace. To stay relevant in the industry and at the workplace, upgrade to skills which are newer and designed for modern business.

Employers look for people who are ready to adapt to new technology and can do the work with an eye for what they might do in the near future. Some of the skills have always been in demand, you just need to up-skill in that.

Here’s how to go about it:

* Communication skills: In most discussions of HR managers, recruiters and CEOs, communication tops the list. If you are a good communicator you can make a clear point while you’re talking in a meeting, giving a presentation or simply having a discussion at the office party — so communicating better at work is one of the basic skills to add on. Spoken English skills for developing relations and representing the company is a must.

* Social media literacy: In today’s world, social media is the king. Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the like, social media is changing the way companies do business, which is why it’s important to understand how these tools work and also be able to use them effectively for business purposes. This is one of the top skills employers are seeking in new hires. Job seekers who have developed robust online personal brands using social media and content marketing have a clear advantage over candidates that have limited experience with social marketing.

* Learning specialist skills: Become a specialist in one thing and hone your skill every day. New businesses often hire generalists because they can perform in so many different roles. As organisations grow, however, specialists are often hired to focus on key areas. Think strategically about what type of skills your organisation needs. Work on building these skills to become a specialist. The more knowledgeable and skillfull you become in a particular area, the more likely you are to be noticed for your work.

* Talent to organise and prioritise: A lot of people confuse cleanliness with keeping things organised. Being organised is different from being neat. To organise and prioritise means to classify assortments of things, ideas and clear your thoughts that which one is more important and urgent to be addressed, select the order the elements of a group according to its importance, you cannot do everything in a day. It is another important skill which will make you stand out among your peers.

* Be ambivert and network: Balance is the key, neither be too reserved nor be too extroverted. Being ambivert is an added skill. If you take out time to build and nurture relationships with the people around you, you’ll build a network that can help you get assigned to interesting, significant, or eye-catching projects. It can open up opportunities that might not have been available to you if you were among who don’t like much interaction.

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By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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