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Forget About Paksh and Vipaksh, Let’s Think About Issues With A Nishpaksh Spirit, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, welcomed all the new MPs ahead of the first session of 17th Lok Sabha.

In the media statement before the start of session, Prime Minister said ,“Today marks the start of the first session after the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. I welcome all new MPs. With them comes new hopes, new aspirations and new determination to serve”.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness in the increased number of women Parliamentarians in the 17th Lok Sabha. He said that the Parliament is able to fulfil the aspirations of people when it functions smoothly.

In the Parliamentary election in 2009, there were 59 candidates who won the election. In the current elections, 61 women have secured seats in Lok Sabha. This is the highest ever number of seats won by women ever and comprises 11.23 per cent of the total 543 seats. The lowest ever was in 1977 when only 19 women representatives won elections.

The Prime Minister also underlined the importance of opposition in parliamentary democracy. He expressed hope that the opposition will play an active role and participate in House proceedings. The opposition need not worry about their numbers in the Lok Sabha, the PM said.

“When we come to Parliament, we should forget Paksh and Vipaksh. We should think about issues with a ‘Nishpaksh spirit’ and work in the larger interest of the nation”, PM added.

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