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Modi’s Three Promises: Nothing for Self, Nothing With Ill-Intention and Devotion To Nation

NEW DELHI, MAY 23 :  Dedicating the massive victory of the BJP to the people of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday made three promises to the nation – nothing for self, never to work with ill intention and devoting every moment of his time for the country.

Amid lusty chants of “Modi, Modi’’ by enthusiastic party cadres at the BJP headquarters, the Prime Minister also assured the people that he would take even staunch political rivals along in his mission of building a new, developed and prosperous India during his second five year term of 2019 to 2024.

“It is possible to make mistakes while working but I will not do anything with wrong intention and my promise to the people of nation is that I will not do anything for myself,’’ Mr Modi said.

Seeking to unveil his new image of a consensus builder, Mr. Modi, in his victory speech, said that negative forces have been crushed by the massive mandate given by the people to the BJP-led NDA which also casts a heavy responsibility on the ruling dispensation.

Pledging that the Constitution was supreme for him and the party, he gave a clarion call to his compatriots to eliminate poverty as India marches ahead to become a developed nation over the next few years. He said there would be only two castes in India in future – those who are poor and those who seek to help the poor and eliminate poverty.

 “Whatever happened in the elections, it’s past now…will take the opposition along in the interest of the nation and in the spirit of the Constitution,’’ he said.

Mr. Modi said that 2019 general elections were devoid of oft-repeated issues of corruption, casteism and price rise. He also sought to pull the mask off the so-called pseudo secular forces who, he added, would need to latch on to a wholly new narrative of a new, confident, positive and aspirational India of 21st century.

Referring to the BJP’s electoral journey from two Lok Sabha seats to returning to power for a second term in 2019, Mr. Modi said the party had never deviated from its ideals, beliefs, humility, culture and conscience. “There have been many ups and downs in our journey from two MPs to winning a second term but we have not compromised with our principles and will not give up our humility,’’ he told the gathering.

He said the landslide victory of the BJP was that of 40 crore-strong unorganized labourers for whom pension scheme has been launched and was also that of law-abiding and tax paying middle class.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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