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RSS Chief Calls For Integrated Policy To Deal With Diversity

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat wants the Narendra Modi government to redraw its policies for perking up the economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken serious note of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s emphasis that the ruling BJP cannot brush aside the economic slide back but evolve policies that keep pace with the ever-changing ground realities.  

Bhagwat also wants the ‘Niti Ayog’ to be perked up so that it is capable of solving pressing problems.   

As the ideologue of the BJP, the RSS has already outlined its three-point Hindutva agenda for the country. It pertains to building a Ram Temple in Ayodhya, abrogating Article 370 of the Constitution and having a Uniform Civil Code.

Bhagwat’s annual speech on Dussehra signifying triumph over evil was much more than stock taking. It assumes importance in the wake of the Modi government had crossed far beyond the halfway mark of its five-year term. 

The counsel to gear up policies comes in the wake of criticism about economic slippages that could not have come at a more opportune moment with barely 18 months remaining for the next general elections in 2019. 

Bhagwat laid stress on encouraging the small and medium sectors providing the maximum employment in the country.  They are the country’s security net in times of economic upheaval as crores are employed in such enterprises, he observed. 

While taking exception to the naysayers, Modi’s speech at the Institute of Company Secretaries came when the economy had lost its growth momentum. It is apparent some reform decisions had failed to have the desired effect. 

The Prime Minister has since got down to high power meetings for making the necessary course corrections. 

Bhagwat’s much-awaited Vijayadashmi speech last Saturday at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur was attended by former Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani and Union minister Nitin Gadkari. 

The Modi government has been showering encomiums on itself aimed at transforming this country has hit a highly embarrassing rough patch. There has been widespread criticism of the BJP led NDA government failing to address the distress of farmers as evidenced by the continuing suicides. 

This came to the fore with Bhagwat seeking protection for farmers and the informal sector. He wanted the Modi government to be mindful of the stress caused to the poor and particularly the farmers who feed the country. 

Bhagwat’s annual address on Dussehra signifying good triumphing over evil sets the agenda for the organization as well as the Lotus party’s political leadership. 

He said the proposed “new provisions” through Constitutional amendments is aimed at overcoming the protracted Kashmir tangle. The problem of refugees is still not resolved in the lone Muslim majority state in the country. Despite being citizens of Bharat they (the refugees) are still far away from having basic facilities.

This was in the context of Articles 370 according to special status to J&K and 35A pertaining to residency rights. 

Affirming that many Muslims are also involved in “GauRaksha”, Bhagwat said cow protection was beyond religion. He condemned the death of those involved in cow protection.  

What is encouraging is that Modi has signaled government’s commitment to reversing some of the setbacks to growth. The Prime Minister has also sought to allay the apprehension of traders. government’s commitment to reversing some of the setbacks to growth. The Prime Minister has also sought to allay the apprehension of traders. 

On his part the RSS chief wanted an effective system to be created whereby realistic information from all sources about the execution and impact of the schemes percolating to the lowest level becomes available for bolstering the administrative system. 

Despite signs of a synchronised global economic recovery, this country has been an exception because of the twin shocks from demonetisation and the goods and services tax (GST). 

The immediate challenge is to fix the problems being faced by small and medium traders because of GST as well as the extent to which it has hurt exporters. The increase in the current account deficit in the wake of a slowing economy also requires to be addressed expeditiously.   

By TIS Staffer
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