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10 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder For Your Kitchen

Here is the list of 10 Best Branded Juicer Mixer Grinder for your kitchen. Make your grinding and mixing game easier with these.

10 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder For Your Kitchen

Traditional chutney and juice-making styles were a bit difficult and time-consuming. But with a Juicer mixer grinder you can just whip up chutneys, grind masala, and drink fresh juices of fresh fruits and veggies within a minute. The juicer mixer grinder has a special place in the kitchen and is one of the best kitchen appliances to reduce human efforts. Having fresh fruit juices easily and quickly on your table daily can refresh your soul and keep you enthusiastic. This super juicer mixer grinder can help you with various kinds of cooking preparation such as chopping vegetables, grinding masala, perfectly grounded chutney and varieties of juices. Thus, bring a perfect juicer mixer grinder to your home to reduce manual efforts. Are you thinking of purchasing a juicer mixer grinder? The abundance of availability of options would astonish you. Thus, to ease your work, we are providing you with the top selling juicer mixer grinder and their ratings for the better selection.   

What to look out for before buying a Juicer Mixer? 

Wattage: The foremost thing to check before buying a juicer mixer is their wattage. If you choose the higher-wattage mixer, you will be able to grind the harder ingredient efficiently and with a higher speed. You can pick 500 W to 750 W it would be ideal for an Indian kitchen.

Jars: The jars are important thus, check how many jars are they providing you need to check while buying the providing. Generally, they provide 2,3 jars which are fine because one you can use grinding masalas, the second for making chutneys and the third for making fresh juices. 

Blades:  Blades are the ones which all the work for the mixer. So it is important to check the blades and make sure to choose the one which is made up of stainless steel and perfectly 304 grade.  High-quality blades are also sharper for a longer period.

Speed:  The speed matters the most, RPM of the mixer grinder is also the deciding factor, it tells you how fast the can blade rotate per minute.

Warranty: Check the warranty perfectly, in general, 2 to 5 years of warranty are available, but you should check while selecting the products. Check the additional warranty for the motors. 

Price: Check your budget and the product price and available features. Bring the best quality product to work properly for a longer period. 

MasterChef Kitchen King MJ 03 1000 W Juicer Mixer Grinder (6 Jars, Black)

This Mixer Grinder, with its multipurpose Jars, helps make cooking convenient you can use different jars for different purposes, and it has a feature that is less time-consuming and fun. With a powerful 1000 W overload-protected motor which is designed to offer a durable performance. It comes with an additional storage jar and spatula for free. You can bring this juicer mixer grinder to your home with the best deal offer of 60% off. 

Pros:  Additional storage jars are available.

Cons: any damage during installation is not covered under warranty. 

Customer Rating: 4.2 

Prestige Atlas Classic Atlas Classic 500 W 500 Juicer Mixer Grinder (3 Jars, Grey and white)

The Powerful Prestige Atlas Classic Mixer Grinder can take care of all your grinding needs, and look stunning while functioning, giving an additional interior touch to your home. This 500-watt phenomenon can grind both wet and dry ingredients, so you can delight yourselves with chutney for your dosas, samosas, and powdered masala for your curries, it will give you a truly versatile culinary experience in the least time. This provides 3 stainless steel jars designed perfectly to use. Get this grinder to your home with the deal offer of 60% off.

Pros: Locking system, non-slip feet and dry grinding features are available. 

Cons:  No auto switch-off option and no consumer damage is covered under warranty. 

Customer Rating: 4.2 

Sansui Blaze Pro 500 W Juicer Mixer Grinder (4 Jars, Black)

The new sansui Blaze Juicer Mixer Grinder is equipped with top-of-the-line specs like a pure copper motor. There is an unbreakable jar with Lid-locks for hands-free operation available for smooth functioning, it has a 1.5L Juicer jar with steel mesh and seed extractor, a tower tower-shaped design, a Superior ABS plastic body and elegant lacquer-coated golden finish which enhances the interior too. This juicer Mixer can handle the toughest of tasks like grinding/mixing turmeric powder, Idli rice, and urad daal and is endurance tested to run straight under ideal load-conditioned. Bring this home with a great offer of 60% off.

Pros: Dry grinding and mincing features are there, and manufacturing defects are covered under warranty.

Cons: Physical damage is not covered under warranty.

Customer Rating: 4.2

Flipkart SmartBuy Classico PowerChef 500 W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars, Black, Grey)

Prepare tasty chutneys, grind masalas and prepare yummy shakes effortlessly with the Flipkart smart-buy Classico mixer grinder. This Grinder, with Its multipurpose jars, makes cooking convenient, less time-consuming and fun. If you just do not want to cook but also enjoy the cooking process, you must get this with its powerful 500W overload-protected motor which is designed to offer a durable performance. It comes with a 1.2 L liquidizing jar, a 1.0 L grinding jar and a 0.4 L chutney jar to meet the dry and wet grinding requirements in your kitchen. Get this to your home with the deal offer of 55% off.

Pros:  Sharp steel blades, overload protection and anti-skid-based features are available.

Cons: This product is good and does not have any drawbacks as per the customer reviews. 

Customer Rating: 4

MasterChef Kitchen King MJ 02 750 W Juicer Mixer Grinder (5 Jars, Black)

The master chef kitchen king juicer mixer grinder allows you to cook various meals like tasty chutneys, and prepare masalas for different recipes and varieties of fresh fruit juices. With its multipurpose jars, your efforts as an individual get reduced also you can prepare anything within minimum time. It also comes with a powerful 750 W overload protected motor which is designed to offer a durable performance. Bring this to your in-best deals offers of 60% off. 

Pros: It has a higher wattage capacity for proper functioning. 

Cons: No damage during product installation covered under warranty.

Customer Rating: 4.2

Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Juicer with Patented JMCS Technology for 10% more Juice 240 W Juicer with JMCS Technology for Max Yield (2 Jars, Dark Silver)

 The Kuvings Professional Cold Press Juice provides the most nutritious and tasty cold press juice. With its slow-rotating masticating technology, Kuvings Slow Juicers efficiently cold-presses ingredients and makes natural juices, smoothies, and nut bowls of milk with maximum nutrients. Owing to its three-in-one multifunction, this juicer allows you to make juice, ice cream, and more. Bring this juicer mixer to your home with the offer of 55% off. 

Pros: Wide feeding tube, silent cap, and rotating cleaning brush features are present for smooth functioning.

Cons: No mincing and chutney grinding specifications are there.

Customer Rating: 4.4 

BAJAJ Gx8 GX8 750 W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars, White)

The Bajaj Mixer grinder helps you to accomplish multiple kitchen tasks in a jiffy. It consumes minimal power, while the copper-coiled motor ensures powerful performance. This mixer grinder’s motor operates at speeds of up to 20,000 RPM and evenly and finely chops and grinds. Also, it comes with a 1.5 L liquidizing jar, a 1.2 L wet and dry grinding jar, and a 0.3 L chutney jar to fulfil various kitchen requirements. Moreover, the LED indicator lets you know when the jars are overloaded. This mixer-grinder is made with a high-quality ABS body that is shock-proof, thereby ensuring that this appliance is safe to use. Get this awesome juicer mixer grinder to your home with the offer of 50% off. 

Pros: It has a shockproof body, and durable jars, lids and blades, also tetra flow technology is available.

Cons: Chutney jar capacity is slightly low. 

Customer Rating: 4.3

ORIENT MGFB50BB3 FineBlend 500 W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars, Blue and Black) 

Make your grinding process quick and easy with the Orient Electric FineBlend Mixer-grinder. Integrated with a balanced coil motor, this mixer-grinder lets you grind and blend both wet and dry ingredients effortlessly. With its overload protection feature, this mixer-grinder safeguards the motor from burning due to voltage fluctuations, overloading of jars, or when used for long durations.  In addition, it comes with versatile stainless steel jars, including a chutney jar, a liquidizing jar, and a grinding jar to meet a host of your food grinding requirements. Bring this to your home with the offer of 50% off. 

Pros: Dry grinding, blending, grating, mincing and. Chutney grinding everything is available.

Cons:  No seed collector. 

Customer Rating: 4.3 

MAHARAJA WHITELINE Neo Pro MX-261 500 W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars, Multicolor)

This Maharaja mixer grinder provides you with the efficient use of different food recipes, with its 1 Mixer Grinder, Liquidizer Jar with Lid, Grinder Jar with Lid, and Chutney Jar with Lid, it will smooth your functions and be easy to use by anyone. Moreover, it is a user manual that can perfectly fit anyone and a Warranty Card is also available that provides you protection for various requirements. Get this to your home with the offer of 55% off. 

Pros: Dry grinding, chutney grinding features. 

Cons: Physical damage is not covered under warranty. 

Customer Rating: 4.1 

Lifelong Duos – LLMG92 500 Mixer Grinder (2 Jars, Grey)

 There is no need to pay ridiculous prices for a smoothie at a cafe when you can make one right at home with the Lifelong Duos Mixer Grinder. It comes with features, such as 3-speed Operation and Anti-slip Vacuum Feet, to help you make those spicy chutneys and healthy delicious smoothies easily. Any manufacturing defects up to 1 year of purchase. Bring this to your home with an ongoing offer of 60% off. 

Pros: Dry grinding, blending, and chutney grinding features are present.

Cons: No seed collector, mincing, and gratings features are there.

Customer Rating: 4

Frequently asked questions(FAQs): 

Q1. What is the most important part of the mixer? 

Blades are the most important part of the whole juicer mixer grinder and its working is dependent on blades.

Q2. How many jars are good? 

Usually, three jars are there with a juicer mixer and that’s enough for different uses.

Q3. How many watts are good or suitable for a mixer grinder?

The average wattage for a juicer mixer grinder would be 500W to 750W. The higher the wattage the stronger it will function.

Q4. Does speed matter when choosing a juicer mixer grinder? 

Yes, speed matters the most, when it comes to smooth and quick functioning of the grinder. Make sure to check the speed.  

Q5. Is the price of a branded juicer mixer high? 

Yes, the price for the branded juicer mixer is a bit high but at the same, they produce good quality, and you can use it for a longer period. They also provide a warranty and fix any damage or defects.