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18 year old Ahir Devesh becomes one of India's youngest authors and CEO of AD Media

18 year old Ahir Devesh becomes one of India's youngest authors and CEO of AD Media

Ahir Devesh is an author, writer and an entrepreneur from India. He was born in the city of Laxmipur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Real identity of Ahir Devesh is Devesh Yadav. He is also co-founder and CEO of Ahir Digital Media. Devesh is an engineering student. He'd always wanted to do something unique since he was a kid. He began writing stories and poems when he was only sixteen years old. He began to work as a Teenage Author after that.

Ahir Devesh self-published his debut book, "The Lockdown: The Story of a Family," when he was only eighteen years old during the corona virus pandemic, in 2020. This book is part of a family and is also available on Google and Amazon. He wrote other books after that, which was published on Google, Amazon, Apple Books, and other sites. Ahir Devesh just published a book in 2021 titled "The Untold Story of Bhopal," in which he details basically what happened in Bhopal in 1984.

Devesh has written several books, each of which has gained him a large following among his readers. He also stated that he would be coming with many more excellent publications, which will be thrilling and romantic. He also expressed an interest in authoring a novel. Maybe we'll be able to get his novel as well in the future.

The teenager is the age when students are not even able to decide what goals they have to achieve in the future, at that age, this boy made his career using his unique and distinctive writing skills and, now he is a well-known author and writer, Devesh currently started his own start-up business "AD Media." He said, “rather than his mindset that he wants to do something different Devesh's father: Mr. Prem Yadav and, his mother: Mrs. Punita Devi, also supported and motivated him to do whatever he desired." His parents have a huge role in his accomplishments.

Ahir Devesh validated the concept that with skill and determination, anything is possible. Many people get inspired by his books and the narrative behind them. Youth should be motivated and understand that they are all capable of accomplishing something extraordinary. He also made us understand that by using your skills, you can achieve anything whatever you want.

As the founder of an AD media company, Every project that has come his way got success. The Gorakhpur-based firm could also serve as a one-stop agency for all technological platforms, including marketing, press release, online photo management, online marketing, and more.

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