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A Beacon of Health: Serving Humanity in Naxal-infested Regions

“Dr. Sunil Kalda” Plastic Surgeon from Raipur, CG has been performing a very impressive work in the field of Plastic…

A Beacon of Health: Serving Humanity in Naxal-infested Regions

“Dr. Sunil Kalda” Plastic Surgeon from Raipur, CG has been performing a very impressive work in the field of Plastic and cosmetic surgery to uplift the social well being of the community since the past 34 years.  Treating patients with extreme physical deformities in nutrition-starved tribal regions has been a key aspect of Dr. Kalda’s life journey.

Working tirelessly at Kalda Burn & Plastic Surgery Centre, Raipur since 1990 he has done free camps in Naxal effected areas of Baster area under the guidance of the Governor of Chhattisgarh, Miss Anusuiya Uikey .

The shortage of quality health services in rural areas remains a major challenge in India. In the 1990s, he displayed courage by devoting his time to conducting medical camps in the Naxal-affected areas of Chhattisgarh. He defied the odds and dedicated himself to sustained and selfless voluntary service.

For over 34 years, he has been rehabilitating people in LWE-affected areas. He has conducted more than 200 camps to educate people about the rehabilitation of acid attack victims, cleft lips, joint disorders, pan facial trauma, and head; neck pathologies such as tumors, cysts, vascular malformations, and other facial deformities. His camps have helped people understand that severe disorders are not permanent and can be treated. Demonstrations at the camps showcased that such complex surgeries are available to them free of cost.

Until the year 1999, Raipur was a part of Madhya Pradesh without medical infrastructure. It was a challenging time to reach people and educate them that birth disorders can be treated. Free reconstructive surgeries were provided to poor tribal patients, particularly young children with cleft lips and other facial deformities. During the camps, he explained the available treatment facilities by showing before and after images. He aimed to convince at least one patient from each district to opt for treatment, which helped the community accept the practice. Despite the need to gain people’s trust, his determination drove him to succeed.

Seeing the positive outcomes, the tribe began to trust medical practice. With more camps, villagers started considering the treatments a common procedure. Driven by his passion for humanity and his profession, he has performed over 50,000+ plastic surgeries for free in these remote tribal areas. These surgeries not only improved the appearance and self-esteem of individuals but also fostered social acceptance and empowered them to earn a livelihood.

Dedicated to making Chhattisgarh a cleft-free state, Dr. Kalda has played a crucial role in leading Operation Muskan (Smile), a special drive initiated by the State Government for Plastic Surgery on tribal children with craniofacial deformities, including cleft lips. He has collaborated with the tribal department of Chhattisgarh to promote free medical services. In 2017, his efforts were recognized by the Golden Book of World Records for performing the “most cleft lip and palate surgeries.”

Beyond his medical services, he has consistently worked to improve medical facilities for the masses. While working with burn patients, he recognized the importance of providing immediate support. This realization led him to establish a skin bank for the rehabilitation of burn patients and acid attack victims.

His reimplantation surgeries of amputated limbs have proven to be life-changing for patients who had lost hope of recovery. His continuous efforts against the amputation of diabetic patients’ feet have saved thousands of limbs and lives. Case studies of his findings are provided to educate young and aspiring doctors.