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A DJ with a purpose for Fashion – Iman Tucker

Iman Tucker, a well-known, 28 year old, American DJ and Producer in the Hip-Hop and Christian community who hails from Indianapolis, US, has successfully merged his passion for music, art, and culture into one unique experience. DJ Iman, aka IMN. TCKR, started his career in 2016 with a vision that was very close to him, and it was to build a brand, an experience. A brand that would incorporate everything that matters to him, supporting local brands, making outfits that shine on stage, or showing his support for things he believes in. Iman has performed for the Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, and the Indy 500 festival and has worked with various large retail brands like Adidas, Saks fifth, Under Armor, Nike etc.

As a creator who loves to put things together and create magic with them, his outfits always hold immense significance for him. His outfits are his way to showcase the ideas and messages he believes in. He uses vibrant, eye-catching colors and bold and clear messages to make sure he always clarifies himself to his fans. He never wants his fans to walk away from his performances without knowing what he believes in. So he came up with his brand, Believe Brand Co. in 2018. It started as a logo for his small brand that grew into a faith-based clothing brand with the main motto of telling stories worldwide that will start intentional conversations. DJ Iman comes up with the designs that he can wear for the shows and pass along to the people who believe in his messages. He believes that some brands do come close to the ideas that he believes in, but Iman is a person who loves owning the process, and as an entrepreneur, it was only fitting for him to creating his own pieces.

Iman did what he believed in and pushed his brand more and more towards success. His hard work paid off when the more prominent brands started noticing him, and he is the ambassador of some of the biggest brands out there. He was also invited to spin for renowned shoe brands like Nike and Jordan. He feels fortunate and says it’s a dream come true for him when he spent his whole childhood wearing those brands.

The DJ often refers to about the unique ‘Iman Tucker experience.’ He chases for perfection, and he is all about attention to detail. His music means a lot to him, and he takes his time to curate international playlists carefully and tries to bring out a mix of music you have never heard before. He describes it as checking what cultures are making a wave in the industry, discovering diamonds in the rough by finding music and tunes that haven’t been popularized yet. For the unique experience, Iman connects audio and visuals to bring out the complete magic in songs, and that is why fashion is a very significant part of the brand. It is an extension of the energy. Fashion is engrained deeply into the impact of music. Every detail matters. He collaborates with various brands and creates outfits that he can incorporate into his musical performances. He believes that fashion is a great way to make an impact; when people talk about his outfits and want to know where he got them from, they come across his brand and are exposure to all of the creatives out there.

He makes it a point always to look ‘fly’ or, in simpler words, he thrives on outfits that will influence people. He uses his platform to show how you can believe and support everything you want and still look good at the same time. He wears his creations on stage to give out ideas, and if you like them, you can head to their booths or social media pages to get that look. Iman always makes sure his fans never have any problem finding affordable designer-quality clothes that resonate with what they believe in. One such collection that he takes pride in is the ‘Love Everybody’ collection. This collection perfectly portrays what he and his brand believe in.

Tucker is all about creating lasting memories that you can cherish forever. He knows that everything can’t be the same and monotonous, and to make the elements in his brand stand out, he can’t think of anything better than fashion. Fashion is his forte, and he loves to work with it, create and experiment with it, so why not?

By TIS Staffer
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