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A guide to domain authority and how to boost it in 2021

The foremost thought that strikes the mind before choosing any publication for media coverage is, whether the said publication would…

A guide to domain authority and how to boost it in 2021

The foremost thought that strikes the mind before choosing any publication for media coverage is, whether the said publication would rank on google searches or not. Solving this dilemma prior to your investment in effective PR techniques, it is important to understand what makes your published articles rank on top at google search engines. The one factor that maintains it all is the Domain Authority. Higher the domain authority, higher are your chances of getting ranked at the top of the search bar.

Popular sites with a lot of external links to other sites with High Domain scores will generally have a very good Domain Authority score. In contrast, a slower site will have a lower score. Therefore, comparing your small business site to Google or Facebook is not going to help. Rather you should be taking suggestions from sites that are similar businesses that offer similar products and services to the audience. 

A basic understanding of Domain Authority

A software for smarter marketing created a tool that helps brands to measure the Domain Authority metric that lets them figure out where they may rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). They estimate a pageÂs possible ranking via several channels, including linking root domains and the number of total links, into a single DA score. This score can compare websites or track the Âranking strength of a website over time.

A domain can be judged based upon the number and quality of links pointing to that site as well as a few other factors, which they have not made public. Based on these factors, a score between 1 and 100 is issued. New sites begin with a domain authority of just 1 and the Âstrongest sites are scored closer to 100. In order to ensure that you and your story are ranking on the SERP, it is essential that you choose a publication whose DA score is near 100. 

How does Domain Authority affect PR methodologies?

When you look at the holy grail of media coverage, DA tends to align perfectly. The major reason why any brand opts for Public Relations is to build a credible image in the eye of their consumers. When a consumer researches about a brand and finds enough information published about them, they are intrigued for interacting with its services.  

Media coverage isnÂt merely about placing a story on one publication. Many factors, like having the right coverage mix, are involved in making a story impactful. As DA is a measure of a websiteÂs quality and its ability to rank in search, it should be one, if not the only important factor to be considered.

If you specialize in something unique or offer a new option for a product or service, this could be a great start. Sit with your PR professionals and devise which high domain authority publications are the best for your business and get ready to top that SERP search bar making you reach thousands and lakhs of potential customers.

Are you planning to increase the Domain Authority of your own website?

Here is what all you can do to build a credible image that attracts consumers to search, read, and stay on your page:

1. Keep creating content:

In order to improve your own domain authority, it is quintessential to make noteworthy content and not only once but making it a regular activity. But, make sure that whatever you are writing has a word limit between 300 to 1000, otherwise, either Google will not pick it up or it would not rank on the first page, respectively. 

2. Embed and share links:

Once you are done with your content, make sure to add some inbound links to it and share the same with the world. Search engines like content that people read. They scroll through it, read it to the end, interact, and click through to something else. So, you shouldnÂt wait for someone to find it on Google. Find places where you can share your content. This is easier said than done. And often where businesses come unstuck.

3. Optimizing is the key:

At the end of it, make sure that the articles you have ready are SEO-friendly. Choose any one of the plethora of SEO plugins available and see if the article has an ample amount of keywords, images, the meta description is specified, and the number of inbound and outbound links stand corrected.

Any high DA website embedding your website link in their content will automatically boost your online presence making your site a credible one. A reputed website never shares any inappropriate content on their own website as it can hamper their own DA score. 

You can improve your SEO ranking & DA score by producing excellent, well-researched content. To determine if your domain authority score is good or not, analyze it in regard to your competitors scores. If itÂs higher, youÂre doing well. If itÂs lower, you have work to do.

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