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A New Generation Of Writing Contests Is Here

Providing a platform for writers of every age, every city and every profession . “Writing is hard work. Writing is showing…

A New Generation Of Writing Contests Is Here

Providing a platform for writers of every age, every city and every profession . ÂWriting is hard work. Writing is showing up every day. Writing is an art and a job at the very same time.Â

A new writer emerges into the world every single day. A corporate employee waking up to his ability to write about difficult times, a teenage girl finding herself falling in love with her English classes, a mother journaling the many challenges in her life, or a poet born from an upending heartbreak.

Fortunately, with the advent of digital media platforms, hundreds of budding writers have the easy-to-reach opportunity of gaining exposure and getting discovered by the countryÂs biggest literary masters. There are a plethora of routes a professional/creative writer can explore in the digital age:

  1. Building a strong personal presence on social media by regularly featuring their written pieces on their profile
  2. Networking via online Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups or other social media platforms and showcasing their work
  3. Publishing their work in the form of an e-book (Amazon Kindle, for example)
  4. Taking part in online competitions that allow exposure to judges (in most cases, these judges are acclaimed personalities in the literature industry)

IndiaÂs Next Big Writer is the countryÂs most trusted platform for online poetry and creative writing contests. The goal of the platform is to discover IndiaÂs next generation of writers, valuing and showcasing their art/pieces of writing for the world to see. The brand is founded by a group of writers which, in their words, allows them to Âunderstand the difficulty of finding a platform that appreciates the process of writing, and the writing itself.Â

What makes this platform TRUSTABLE?

1. A writer is as good as the authenticity of their work. With INBWÂs transparent social media communication, the writer remains assured of the safety of his / her work. They publish the works on their social media as well as their home magazine, INBW Select, with the writerÂs official approval. In turn, providing exposure to his / her work.

With a successful first season earlier this year, INBW focused their efforts on digital and social media platforms, and built a community of writers across its many forms. HereÂs what the winners of their previous competition had to say:

ÂThis will go down as one of the happiest days of my life. Thank you so much for the opportunity.Â

Melvin J Gideon, Bonus Prize Winner, 1st Competition

ÂItÂs not the cash prizes that excited me. I was thrilled that the judges read through my work and titled me one of IndiaÂs Next Big Writers. The feeling is wonderful.Â

Arshya Aggarwal, 1st Prize Winner, 1st Competition

  1. ItÂs affordable and rewards sizable cash prizes: Their first season of the competition awarded two winners with cash prizes worth ?60,000 and bonus prizes worth ?10,000. With writers looking for monetary help, this contest couldnÂt have come at a better time. With a minimal and affordable registration fee, the rewards are exemplary.
  2. Comes With A Guaranteed Certificate: In the era of work-from-home internships, online classes, and much more, a writerÂs resume and online portfolio are king. Additionally, in-person interviews are a thing of the past so an online profile is a writerÂs best bet. A certificate commending your work in a national-level contest not only adds credibility to your name but also helps you build a stronger case when negotiating job salaries etcetera. The best part? You donÂt have to win the competition to receive a certificate. Every participant receives one.

With the launch of their second season of competitions (open for submissions now!), the platform aims to reach writers across genres, spread across cities in India, belonging to different backgrounds, and give them a fair, equal platform to showcase their work. The beauty of doing this online is: it is a faceless competition. Writers are judged purely based on their work.

To participate now, click on this link: https://indiasnextbigwriter.com/

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