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A new way to define dating, Samphion: a match that matters

A new way to define dating, Samphion: a match that matters

Let's face it: there's a lot of options when it comes to swimming the dating app ocean, and we all know that finding a partner is a little more complicated than simply swiping right. But, hey? do not even sweat, because we have something for you that will make you want to date while also having a great time.

Samphion is already out there, allowing you to connect with people who share your interests.

During the pandemic, Udit Shah built India's first interest-based dating app, which received a lot of attention. The app has a strong connection to help you meet others with similar interests and allows users to interact with a diverse range of options.

It's a new era, and people want to mingle while ensuring they have something in common, such as an intention to keep fit. The combination of a dating app and fitness is a novel approach to remain in touch. Some of the reasons to stick with interest-based dating apps are that it has a lot more to offer than we realise. Fitness dating, for example, is much more interesting because there are a variety of activities to participate in, while also getting inspired to work out together, staying fit and healthy.

Another reason to join an interest-based dating app is that people look for partners based on common interests and preferences, which brings like-minded individuals together and ensures that their companions are appreciated.

As we strive to acclimate to the new form of dating app, Samphion's unique characteristics stand out. In the area of health and lifestyle, Samphion has included 16 new categories. Additionally, if a person creates a profile and sends a like to someone, as well as the other person responds positively, they are instantly connected and can begin communicating with one another. When one person sends a like and another reacts with a super like, samphies are produced which are only a few of Samphion's features.

Another way Samphion keeps true to its users is by monitoring the privacy policies that have been tailored for them. For example, incentivising users for following safety and privacy guidelines and forbids users from taking screenshots at all costs. Another element that encourages users to trust the app is the fact that it awards the verified and samphionister tags to users who have their accounts confirmed using their mobile phones.

These safety standards are the result of a lot of thinking and evaluating what is presently available on the market.

With the idea of Interest Based Dating, Samphion is ushering in a new era in the dating industry. Within two months of its introduction, Samphion had surpassed 10,000 users, not only that, but on a weekly basis, it also onboards over 2500 users.

 The dating app provides a refreshing and stimulating experience for those who use it, as well as a new experience for those who do not. It definitely assists in bringing out the best in you.

Begin dating and have fun with it. SAMPHION is now available for download, allowing you to discover a meaningful connection.

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