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A Step Towards Nation Building; Young Entrepreneur Anton Ortigas Launched Cotecna Elite

A Step Towards Nation Building; Young Entrepreneur Anton Ortigas Launched Cotecna Elite

Last quarter the Cotecna Institute was launched in Metro Manila, Philippines. The vision of this institute be a global leader in the continuing professional development and management education sectors by providing aspirant delegates with excellent content and transformative learning experiences set in a collaborative environment to prepare them in improving the Philippines and the world. 

Anton says that “Our Mission with launching the Cotecna Institute is to develop excellent, unique, and relevant programs with industry experts and deliver them in a holistic and practical approach in order to provide valuable, reliable, and impactful insights to our delegates, enable them to produce high-level results, and help them become better leaders, change-makers, and innovators in not only the Philippine economy but globally.”

Ortigas says that “Since its organization, Cotecna Elite, has been guided by its core values. They shape the culture, define the character of our company, and guide how we behave and make decisions. At the Cotecna Institute, these values are applied not only to its employees and strategic partners but also to our delegates”

He adds further said that “Guided by our objectives, the Cotecna Institute caters to managers, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and early career professionals from both public and private sectors who are passionate, ambitious, courageous, and creative. We seek highly proficient, unusually effective and efficient, and exceptionally skilled individuals that act with integrity and decide with compassion, and we aim to enable them to become better creative problem solvers, critical analysts, multi-disciplinary thinkers, and strategic innovators that are globally competitive, socially responsible, well-organised, and well on their way to mastery of their respective fields.  The world is so competitive and as a company we want to do what we can to educate and improve our work force, who in turn will be able to contribute to nation building “

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