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A Young Spiritual Activist changing the way we do wellness-Jyoti Kaundinya

A Young Spiritual Activist changing the way we do wellness-Jyoti Kaundinya

‘2020' marked History. It had been quite a thrilling year for all of us, right? 2020 has taken us through experiences – that have taught us life lessons. One thing that it has definitely made us question, is Well- Being.

Talking of well- being, it was not just physical fitness that came into picture, but also a huge awareness about ‘Mental Fitness’ was on rounds. Is fitness just for the body, or is it beyond the body?

Have you personally felt the significance of mental and emotional well-being? Life operates on multiple tangents.  The mind-body complex plays a complete haywire every now and then! The thoughts and the emotions make us go topsy-turvy. But there is much more to be found out! There is much more that we could aspire for, there is much more we could live for. Says Jyoti Kaundinya – the multi-talented, young & dynamic Fitness Guru, who inspires people of all age-groups to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jyoti has earned the Title of Mrs. India Body Fit 2018, she is a licensed Zumba Instructor, Bronze Medalist in State Level Boxing, and Certified Worldwide Meditation Master. She’s the founder of ‘The Mind Body Spirit Studio’ and co-founder of ‘NEXwhaT Consulting Services.’ Since past 12 years, she holds expertise in two fields that are poles apart - Fitness and Branding. She brought in a revolution by inculcating the Knowledge of Consciousness in Realms of Physical Fitness and Branding.

Consciousness in simple words translates to ‘awareness’ Have you ever been completely aware while doing a certain activity?


Have you ever - simply merged with the tunes of music in moments of ecstasy?

Well, that is how the wellness expert Jyoti defines consciousness . Being Aware, Being Free and Being Blissed at the same time. When you are in such moments of experience, you are conscious, you are meditative. Whether it is cracking a business deal or playing a game with children, there is some aspect of Life in us – that is so joyful and free.

In corona times, each individual sought for something higher. Each individual sought to grow. You managed your work, you managed the house, you developed healthy diet plans and exercise routines, and what not! And yet, there is always a sense of wanting something even bigger and better.

Jyoti Kaundinya is one such person who’s trained individuals to find the sense of completeness within themselves.  “Do not wait;The time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand. And work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along,” Quotes the Health and Wellness Expert.

Jyoti conducts Corporate Workshops, Yoga and Wellness Programs, Youth Special Trainings and much more, to make sure she doesn’t leave any stone unturned. She designs customized routines for individuals, depending on their needs and capabilities.

Each individual has a subjective lifestyle that needs to be analyzed, and taken care of. The New Age Leader is an ace in guiding people with their mind, body and emotions.

Above all this, what really matters, is the saga of the soul! The mind body saga is incomplete, without ‘The Soul Saga’

India is known to be the land of Yoga and land of enriching the soul journey. And that is incomplete, unless you share your wisdom with everyone. Jyoti, the young spiritual coach, took a conscious step, as she created the petition of ‘Introducing The Knowledge of Yoga and Meditation in Indian School Curriculum’

One may support her cause by signing her petition on change.org:


Wisdom and Joy increase, as you share!

This New Year, Resolve to Nourish ‘The Mind Body Spirit,’ ‘The Conscious way.’

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