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Aarav Srivastava: Indian Photographer Who’s Making A Difference


No vision is small, a lot of people often tell you that this might not be possible and will put you or your ideas down. Aarav has always been someone who loved to prove others wrong by working hard and showing that all it takes is our determination to do something than taking setbacks.

Aarav has worked with several brands so far like Percept, Viacom18, Envie Events Dubai, Godskitchen UK, and Wembley. With his brand , “The Pixen”, he has been able to bring new concepts in his work and has traveled across the world to gain productive and fruitful experience. Tagged as the best photographer in Sydney by an American based company, Aarav has bought smiles on every other person he has worked with through his pictures. Whether it was the romantic moments across Sydney or the energy-filled concerts in UK and India, Aarav has experienced it all. His love for work has kept him in the events industry for 7 years now where he made some great friends to work with. With support and love from everyone, he has been scaling his work across several spheres. 

With the fix of COVID-19, Aarav wanted to diversify his work and wanted to uncover more opportunities for himself which turned him into a cinematographer, where he’s still finding his way. With his present work of shooting a documentary in Ayodhya, he has been in the reap to learn something new. Aarav never wanted to see himself as “SENIOR” in any of his work, in his view there’s always room to learn no matter how much you have worked across projects. “By classifying yourself as an expert is not what you’d want, you’d rather want to be classified as one by others” is what he believes in and always is keen to learn something new from others.  His vision to believe in people has worked almost every time when he has wished to invest in someone. According to him, “If you can put your belief in something and keep your focus on that one thing, everything is possible”. 
He recently revamped his digital agency as well that he has been running for the past two years with few Bollywood clients. The new agency aims to offer a wide range of services including development and marketing and is a great platform for people to get into the digital world with him.

The idea of Socialnoon aka The Social Birds is to also generate a platform for other content creators to be a part of it. With the new website SocialNoon.com, Aarav has promoted young and dynamic people to join the workforce who are keen on marketing. With his venture focussing completely on newer technology with interactive platforms to work on, Aarav has kept his vision upfront to deliver only the best. 
links: website www.thepixen.com www.socialnoon.com
Instagram: @aaravsrivastavaa
@thesocialnoon  Facebook:  www.facebook.com/aaravsrivastavaa www.facebook.com/thepixen www.facebook.com/socialnoon
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/aaravsrivastava

By TIS Staffer
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