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Acharaya Pankit Goyal: An established name in the domain of Vaastu Shastra, Astrology, and Numerology

Acharaya Pankit Goyal: An established name in the domain of Vaastu Shastra, Astrology, and Numerology

Outreaching millions to bring a positive change in people’s life, Acharaya Pankit Goyal’s designed courses are spreading more knowledge and insights.

The last couple of decades has seen western culture taken over our reins. Be it be any country; the westernized know-how has become an integral part of our lives. Even the festive celebrations have gone the same way. We don’t forget to celebrate Friendship’s day, Fathers’ Day, Chocolate Day and so much more. But in all these glitters of the outside world what got somehow lost on the way was our own deep roots of Vedic sciences and scriptures. The immortal learnings passed on to us through generations, the Ayurveda, asanas, yoga, astrology, numerology and knowledge of Vaastu shastra. Our ancestors have seen the value and benefits of all these subjects which they incorporated widely in their lives. In today’s golden era, the advent of technologies have taken over but yet there are some who still believe in all of these aspects which has proven science behind it. Although there are few masters across the globe who would deep dive and help impart the right knowledge to others. One such astute professional who has master the art of Vaastu Shastra, Astrology and Numerology and has helped many people solve their problems in life is Acharaya Pankit Goyal.

Born in Suratgarh Rajasthan, Acharaya Pankit Goyal is a well-known name and figure across India who is currently practicing in Delhi. An esteemed name for in-depth knowledge regarding Vaastu Shastra, Vedic Gyan, Astrology, Numerology etc. His proficiency about the subject and offering of solutions as per clients needs have enabled him to develop an elite list of clientele. He is now the numero uno choice for many public figures which includes celebrities and Industrialists. Some famous celebs who has taken his expert opinion and help includes the names of- Arbaaz Khan, Mika Singh, Prince Narula and many more.

Being inclined towards the subject of Vaastu since childhood, Acharaya Pankit Goyal always had a desire to help as many people as possible and sway away from their problems and issues in life. With a single objective in mind to help such people overcome many obstacles and challenges through our ancient knowledge and solutions, he wanted to bring about a positive change in people’s lives and give them a new hope an array to live life to the fullest. Acharaya Pankit Goyal has now come up with many such courses related to Vaastu Shastra, Astrology, and Numerology to pass on the valuable learnings to the next generation and to incorporate the lost touch and world of Vedic sciences back into our lives. His holistic approaches and courses have already brought many constructive and productive changes in people’s lives.

To reach out to more and more people and also to impart the importance of all these aspects in our lives, Acharaya Pankit Goyal has kept the first class of his course absolutely free for all. He opines that people who would take up the course will surely see their business growth in due time after successful completion of courses. Also after completion of basic Vaastu course, one can also take up the advanced courses and get certified by Acharaya Pankit Goyal to become Samrajya Vaastu consultant.

We hope that Acharaya Pankit Goyal continues his righteous profession to help millions across India and around the globe. For more information visit www.PankitGoyal.com

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