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Addywiz Takes The Big Step To Bringing Back EDM Music

With new and rejuvenating music trends taking over the entertainment industry in 2021, EDM music has once again managed to grab the hearts of many, as people have had a hard time spending time within the four walls of the house. The latest EDM music has come as a relief to many people, specifically to the wanderlust and festival enthusiasts who have been unable to enjoy their hear out with the pandemic around the corner.

Aadi Belnekar or better known by ADDYWIZ, decided to raise the bar for EDM music with his latest releases in the year 2020 with his singles, "Let's get" it and "Trapped" that swooped in and grabbed the hearts of many within the few weeks of it's release. Apart from his professional career, he decided to take a step further in creating something worthwhile this summer when he stumbled upon a few music notes that he had created long before. Finally deciding to move forward with it, he released his first two songs which are available in Spotify and youtube under the name, ADDYWIZ.

Following the success of the same, he released his new songs "Venus", "Firework" and "Vibe" this year, with which he intends to influence more music enthusiasts to the world of EDM music. Watching the listeners thoroughly enjoyed and dancing to his music is the prime encouragement for Addywiz to create more of his magic in music.

"EDM has been blazing brightly and seems to completely overtake the music business. This kind of music can make you recall exciting memories, specifically the ones that are associated with exhilarating emotions such as parties or theme park rides. This will be an added advantage and pleasure to many who have been stuck at their homes this lockdown. I want to be able to bring a smile in everyone and be remembered for the kind of enjoyment that my music is able to provide", says Addywiz.

Recalling the responses and positive comments that he received regarding his releases, Addywiz is able to guarantee the comeback of EDM after a break for quite a long time. "My music has been able to create an impact on the younger generations to an extent and I would indeed like to share my happiness regarding that. But this is not enough for me, nor the essence of EDM music. I'm planning to work more on my researches and make music that anybody can tap their arms and legs to. More surprises are yet to come in", says Addywiz.

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