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Aesthetic And Soulful Quotes By Yashi Lath

Aesthetic And Soulful Quotes By Yashi Lath

The book aesthetic and soulful quotes are a non-fictional book that contains quotes about different themes of life. The book includes themes like life and love, inspiration and motivation, self-love and healing, The book is a special tribute to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput which also includes his remarkable dialogues and words The book will refresh the reader’s mind also the book will give the reader’s a break from their busy schedules. The book is available in the e-book version on the Amazon kindle store.

Yashi Lath belongs to Lucknow. She is an author and a psychology student. She is a bookworm who finds a whole new world in novels. She likes to express her thoughts on a piece of paper. She is an explorer who likes to explore new places and new stuff. Her world revolves around books and writing is a passion for her. She believes that writing is an emotion that gives the writer’s freedom to express themselves and use their imagination effectively.

Yashi Lath has started her writing journey last year during the COVD-19 pandemic. She has participated in different writing challenges and writing competitions. She has secured first, second, and third ranks in writing challenges. She has also worked with different publication houses as a co-author. She is a co-author of nineteenth anthologies. She has won many awards and titles. Recently she has won two new awards that are Bhartiya Youth Face of India 2021 and the Young Achiever Award of 2021.

Currently, Yashi Lath is working on her new projects her new solo books will launch by the end of july. She is participating in national record holder anthologies that will launch in July. She is also working as a compiler under the supervision of the opus coliseum publication house. She is working on her poetry book which is based on poems of different literary themes. Mostly she likes to express her thoughts on different types of non-fiction genres.

Yashi Lath is also attending a fiction writing workshop. She wants to expand her writing skills and wants to learn many more new things. She is known as a chaser who likes to chase new opportunities. She doesn’t miss any opportunity that helps her in finding a better version of herself. She takes inspiration from those who are superior than her and are dedicated to their dreams and passion.

Yashi Lath is an ambivert apart from writing. She finds interest in different branches of psychology. She has attended many webinars and internships which provide a massive knowledge about different branches of psychology. As a psychology student, she finds a connection between psychology and literature. She tries to connect with psychology in her writings. She is also a blogger along with an author she has written many blogs about child psychology and unschooling you can find her blogs are available on the  blogspot.com

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