Affordable and luxurious: How Rajdarbar Realty is writing a new script to lead the growth trajectory in testing times

The Covid-19 pandemic stemmed the growth of almost every industry and the real estate industry is no exception. Many small and mid-sized real estate developers were forced into winding up their businesses due to the country-wide lockdown. However, some developers managed to stay afloat by following standard real estate practices, while also innovating at the same time. One such builder is Rajdarbar Realty, a leading realtor with projects in metropolitan cities.

Following a customer-first approach, Rajdarbar Realty believes in offering world-class, customized and high-quality real estate properties to the buyers, while also paving the way for profitable investments. The group has been writing its own script to lead the growth charts by offering affordable, yet luxurious real estate properties. Global Foyer Gurugram and Global Foyer Palam Vihar are some of the company’s best commercial projects, drawing a lot of traction due to their world-class infrastructure and strategic location.

Led by the trio of Radhika Garg, Vasudev Garg and Chaitanya Garg, the group has focused on operational efficiency to take the lead in one of the most volatile sectors. It has relied on meeting the needs of the customers and working closely as per the changing trends and needs of the new generation. 

Rajdarbar Realty Group takes pride in being recognized as an entity that has played an active role to transform the metropolitan region. The group has opened the doors for investors in big cities by churning up state-of-the-art projects. It doesn’t believe in compromising on business ethics and aims to enhance its project portfolio on a regular basis. As a result, Rajdarbar Realty has carved a niche to serve its prestigious clientele in a comprehensive manner. 

The introduction of real estate reforms in the recent times has further bolstered the prospects of organized players like Rajdarbar Realty by wiping out the unorganized entities. At this juncture, it won’t be an exaggeration of facts to say that the group is projected to make a defining change in the world of real estate in the coming years. 

By TIS Staffer
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